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Founded 41st century XE
Capital Gellora City, Spathar
Language Spatharic
Currency Soldat
Type of government racialist democratic stratocracy
Head of state Lord High Protector of All Spatharites
Head of government Lord High Protector of All Spatharites
Legislature People's National Congress
Judiciary People's Supreme Court
"Never forgive. Never forget. Never again."
—Adrac Spathar, A Call For Exodus

The Spatharite Dominion was a militaristic interstellar power founded in the 41st century XE. Founded by the survivors of brutal persecution, the Spatharite Dominion was obsessed with national security and swore to never be subjugated again. Ironically, this obsession led to the conquest of other star systems and the subjugation of many other races.


The Spatharite Dominion was founded in the 41st century XE by Adrac Spathar and his Exodus Fleet. The Exodus Fleet was all that remained of the Hebrean Alliance Space Force after the Hebrean Alliance was conquered by the Aduwaltine Commonwealth. The planet the Exodus Fleet settled on was renamed Spathar in honor of Adrac Spathar. The Spatharites enslaved the natives of Spathar and used them as a disposable labor force.

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