The standard universe is a 3D+1T spacetime universe. Together with the A-K universe which is 20.3 km away from the standard universe and 56.4 km away from the A-L universe, they form the Local Universal Cluster. The standard universe is located within ultraverse L, which is the ultraverse known with the only known set of laws of physics that allow known life to exist.

Geometry and structure

The standard universe is spheriod.


The standard universe contains mostly of dark matter (~70%) and dark energy (~25%), which are poorly understood. The remaining is ordinary matter, the matter which forms stars, life and other observable matter.


The standard universe has one of the most restrictive laws of physics of all known universes. Any negative mass will disintegrate upon entering the standard universe, generating a burst of (positive) energy (due to a phenomenon called quantum interest). Most other matter and energy from other universes decays into matter and energy allowed by the standard universe upon entering.

Place of interest

Solar system

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