Star Millennia:Down Under The Road Rage Is a story part of the Star Millennia series. It's set to be written in the near future.


The first half of the story taking place in Australia and later to a planet run by the Australian Colonists. Sarah and her crew of the Blackheart set course to the industrialized planet to protect a supply transport and rid the system's gang threat.

When Sarah and Stacy head to Australia to investigate a motorcycle gang rampaging through the city, she links them to a notorious barbaric motorcycle gang housed on a planet and threatens to sabotage the mining system, Sarah attempts to capture one of the motorcyclists for interrogation and later sets off to the planet. While dealing with the gangs presence, the Empire plans to send in a Calvary crew to sweep them off and they assign her to protect the convoy to the planet's capital.


This story is heavily inspired by the Mad Max films as well as taking some inspiration of the Disney film The Rescuers Down Under. T.C said the story will be in drafts sometime in the near future.

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