Star Millennia: Universal Genesis (alternatively as The Clan Wars) is a stand alone prequel to Star Millennia that tells the story of the Coronian kingdom's rise and fall and reformation into the Galactic Coronian Empire. The sci fi tells of the royal Coronian clan and it's youngest heir named Xia III who is committed to fight her family's rival political fascist party backed by a cult know as "The Order of Sol" and creates an alliance with other clans/guilds that strive on peace and freedom.

This science fiction blends in Renaissance/Medieval with modern and retro futurism.


Set in the futuristic post medieval society of Coronia, a young princess named Xia III of the High Royal Coronian Clan is set to become the kingdom's new queen. However Xia, being more of a warrior takes a quest to fight her evil political uncle Dark Lord Xerius who lusts for universal takeover. Xia must commit to her quest and fight the impeding evil.


Xia III is a young, beautiful Coronian princess with a warrior like attitude. She is the main protagonist.

Lena is Xia's younger sister and is the secondary protagonist. Lena grew up in the farmlands near the city and enjoys hunting and caring for her sheep. She later aids her sister's quest.

  • Bender

A blacksmith. He grew up around Xia and the two where friends during childhood. Bender has a tendency of crating metal into a piece of art as he crafts Xia her personal sword she acquires for her quest to fight corruption.

Possible video game series

T.C is thinking of a video game series that follows the story and will likely have a few games based on the story setting.

  • An FPS game

T.C is currently trying to write ideas for it. The game will be a first/third person shooter and will possibly have many features such as character customization, map creating/editing, mod support, forming clan factions and guilds, travailing into space and orbiting planetary surfaces, trading, interactions with NPCs, and establishing businesses and assembling other players.

  • A real time strategy game

Will have features such as building/customizing factions, building armies, mod support, shipyard construction, orbital strikes, planetary invasions, and the ability to create siege weapons.

Although T.C is studying game design, the possibility of developing such ideas are yet to be announced in the future.

Behind the scenes

The story is heavily inspired by The Legend Of Zelda and The Evil Dead. It's also inspired by the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000.

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