Star Ray is a military-science fiction created by Eggy97 that sets in 4750 A.D. where a galactic empire called the Galactic Union is on war with 3 alien races.


An ancient technologically advanced race known as the Ni'ums,the once dominant race of the Andromeda Galaxy,had found the lifeless Milky way galaxy,the Ni'ums seeded the galaxy with life,but then discovered a race of negative energy called the Thaeneans and were a threat to their creations and to themselves,they were forced to engage the threat,however the Theaneans are destroying their armies with ease,to combat this,they had created 2 weapon races,The Niams and The Dormadans.The Thaeneans created their own army to support them,after millennia of endless fighting the Ni'ums have been losing and are forced to activate their Ultimate weapon,The Star Ray,a weapon that could destroy the entire galaxy and renew it,resulting in the destruction of the thaenians but not themselves.The 2 races preserved their creations and release them 100 years after,leaving the races to expand at the newly reformed galaxy.But the Ni'ums were forced to break their weapon into shards and spread it throughout the galaxy and became dormant,their reason is unknown.


  • Galactic Unity or simply known as the Unity are a fast expanding galactic empire composed of 50 races and are the most organized and strategic.They rely on special tactics because their army lacks the numbers to directly assault the 3 races
  • The Niam Empire are a powerful race of crystal skinned aliens that seeks to conquer the entire galaxy,and are feared for their powerful fleets and their ships that can harvest energy from stars.
  • The Pryseans are an insectoid race created by the Thaeneans to simply destroy everything,now a remaining Thaenean has ordered them to revive their creators.They are the most feared race since they spread in a planet in minutes if not contained
  • The Dormadan are a race of quadrupedal machines that attacks in clumps and has the superior artillery in all races and uses the powerful world bomb to completely destroy the planet.

Ancient Races

  • The Ni'um are a powerful advanced ancient race capable of creating technology that can devastate entire star systems with ease and some can warp reality.They were once the most feared race of the former galaxy they were once on,Andromeda
  • The Thaeneans are a malevolent race of pure negative energy of unknown origin.The Ni'ums see the Thaeneans as the biggest threat to the universe itself when allowed to spread.The Ni'ums decided to exterminate them,but nearly destroying themselves in the process.

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