Stephanie Larson is a Canadian scientist and WSC astronaut, currently participating in the Wanderer mission.

Background and career information

Larson was born in 2012 in Ontario, the oldest child in her family.

Larson's parents were immigrants from Somalia, arriving in Canada as refugees. Larson's parents were devout in their belief in Sunni Islam at a very young age. However, her parents began to adapt to a much more liberalized version of the religion as their time in Canada went on. Larson was accepted into the University of Windsor in 2030 and achieved her doctorate in less than six years, one of the youngest people to acquire the degree from the university.

With the creation of the World Space Commission, Larson joined the program on a whim and was selected as a participant at the end of 2041 as the Wanderer's Chief Scientist and representative from Canada.


In her free time, Larson plays the piano. She tends to be a homebody. She also loves photography and swimming.

She is married but has decided at her request in engage in a polyamorous relationship while in space for the next six years.

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