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Straxus I (Straxus e Hypaxes tal Xaron), also known as Straxus the Conqueror, Straxus the Terrible, the Once and Future Emperor, or the Eternal Emperor, was the first emperor of the Holy Xaronese Empire and believed by many Xaronese to have been an avatar of the god Xaryas. After unifying Xarony in 1 XE at the age of 25, the young emperor went on to conquer surrounding territories until his sudden death in Medraut's Rebellion. By the 41st century, virtually every member of Xaronese nobility was a descendent of Emperor Straxus I.


Early life

Prince Straxus e Hypaxes tal Udrek was born on the Twenty-Fifth Day of the Dragon in 25 BXE. He was the son of King Hypaxes Dragonheart of Udrek and Royal Consort Maryajixa. The young Straxus was trained in military matters for most of his life alongside his older half-brother Malloraxes, Duke of Medraut.

King of Udrek

Prince Straxus became King of Udrek in 4 BXE after his father was killed in battle. Almost at once, the member states of the South Xaronese Confederation began to rebel against Udreki hegemony. The young king proved to be just as formidable a warrior as his father.

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