Straxus I, God-Emperor of Xaron (Straxus e Hypaxes tal Xaron), commonly known as Straxus the Dreaded, was the first God-Emperor of Xaron and the progenitor of House Xaron and the Xaron Clan. He was born in Khet'Urdrak in 47 BXE and succeeded his father Hypaxes the Dragon-Heart at the age of twenty. He spent the first twenty seven years of his reign expanding his rule in a series of brutal campaigns until he unified Xarony in 1 XE. In that year, he was declared an avatar of the god Xaryas and proclaimed God-Emperor of Xaron.

During his reign as God-Emperor, Straxus and his generals expanded the Xaronese Empire in a series of military campaigns. These campaigns were noted for their unprecedented brutality, many historians believed the first genocides in recorded history took place during Straxus's rule. His conquests came to a sudden end in 21 XE when he was killed in the Battle of Khet'Urdrak during Prince Malloraxes's Rebellion. By the 51st century XE, as many as a quarter of all Xaronese throughout the galaxy were descended from Straxus the Dreaded.

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