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Supreme-class Star Dreadnought
Production Information

Nitomian Orbital Shipyards

Product Line



Type I


Star Dreadnought


Unknown (estimated at 148,000,000 credits)

Technical Specifications

13.2 kilometers


4.1 kilometers


3.7 kilometers

Engine Units

Quad-Core Supercharged Plasma Drive "Omniscent" Mk. II

Drive Range

Able to travel 3,900 lightyears before refuel


Yes (type II super-heavy class)


Extremely strong - twelve feet of unknown metal alloy

Navigation Systems

Navigation Officer(s) or AI Construct

  • 10 High-powered forward-firing plasma ejectors
  • 6 turret-mounted high-powered plasma ejectors
  • 180 point-defense plasma cannons
  • 350 concussion missile launchers
  • 220 Rihkxyrk Assault Fighters
  • 150 Inexpugnable Assault Bombers (able to be armed with advanced nuclear warheads)
  • 200 Praetor Ground transports
Docking Bays



Roughly 200,000

Minimum Crew

1,200 (or several dozen low-class AI constructs)


Able to carry enough provisions for full crew and ground force for 16 months

  • Super-heavy anti-capital ship
  • Flagship
  • Carrier
  • Super-heavy battleship
  • Terror weapon

Unity of the Core Worlds (Imperial Navy of the Unity)

OOC Information


"The Supreme-class is more than a ship ... it's an expression of the ultimate power of our people. Should the Supreme go down, so will we. If the greatest thing a people can make is destroyed, the people themselves may as well end up in the same position."
-Imperial Admiral Xox, upon seeing the Supreme from the bridge of his Evictor.

The Supreme-class Star Dreadnought was, at the time of it's construction, the largest sole space vessel in the galaxy. It was even larger then the already-massive Evictor-class, upon which the Supreme was built and improved upon.

The Supreme-class boasted an unmatched number of plasma cannons worth nearly thirty frigates, plus more than 350 heavy concussion missile pods twice as strong as the Culverin missiles used by the UEG, including 180 point-defense plasma cannons (equivalent to a heavy plasma cannon used by ground troops) used to destroy enemy single-ships, also able to destroy smaller meteroids if traveling through an asteroid field.

The Supreme dreadnoughts also carried two corps worth of ground infantry, tanks and other planetside units. Two corps was the equivalent of half the ground troops at the First Battle of Vespene.

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