Swift is an antagonist in the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet.

Character Outline

Swift was a very tall man dressed in a sort of punk look. His biker outfit consist of a black jacket with the sleeves torn off and dark blue jeans torn at the knees. Swift also has an earring shaped like a lightning bolt on his left ear and a tattoo that says speed on his right cheek.

Swift easily gets angry when things don't go his way and just beats up a random people in the direction he charges at.


Carnage City Arc

Swift had his gang kidnap Daphne Skysight to get Andrew Legend to know any info about what was causing the Monster Empire to have so many failures from Rebel City so recently. But nothing went as he planned when Nathan Legend and his friends came to rescue her. He was furious that Wolfe Savage defeated his lizard and Dimitri Stone defeated his right-hand man, Neon. When Nathan and company made it to the top floor, Swift had captured all but Nathan in an energy field. As Nathan fought Swift to free his friends, the former was outmatched by the latter's high-speed attacks. Fortunately, Nathan grabbed Swift's arms when he saw that Swift's punches were slower than his high speed kicks. Swift was soon knocked out by Nathan blasting him with an energy blast at point-blank range. The Speed Boots that Swift was wearing were fake by breaking apart.

Outside the building, Swift threatened to kill Lucas if Nathan, Daphne, and the others don't surrender their weapons. Unfortunately, he was fully defeated when Andrew arrived and used his telekinesis to paralyze his whole body.

Powers and Abilities

Fake Speed Boots

Main article: Speed Boots

Swift possesses one of the Mystical Artifacts called the Speed Boots which lets him run at superhuman speeds. He can rush from one side of the large Carnage City to the other and back in just a few seconds. The Speed Boots also allow Swift to make 100 kicks at an opponent in less than half a minute.

Unfortunately, the Speed Boots only accelerate the speed of his feet and no other body part. Also he found out that the Speed Boots were fake after being used for about two weeks.

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