The synthosaurs are reptilian familiars created by the experiments of Apophis, in an effort to breed a powerful army to serve his master Chaos. A large majority of the experiments were failures, as most of the hatchlings died or suffered a variety of deformities and other genetic instabilities. The successful specimens, however, were extremely powerful and wielded a whole variety of elemental powers.


Soon after Chaos' disappearance in the early eons of the Universe and defeat of his forces, Apophis began the program in an effort to replace their devastated armies. His research was hindered mostly by the constant assaults of the Genesis Order, chasing him across the Universe for millenia and delaying any long-term projects he and his followers planned. In the course of his research, he desired the immense power of the Elementals. Unfortunately the Order was always on his trail and he never managed to capture enough elementals for his experiments.

Eventually, he was able to find some cover on Earth, knowing its important role in the Apocalypse which also prevented the Order from interfering.

By the 2020s, Apophis was able to put the project into full throttle. The Sundering and WW3 were setbacks, but it didn't stop him from sending expeditions across the Earth into finding the Great Beasts and harnessing their immense elemental powers.

In 2056, after a long line of failures, the Doom Serpent managed to produce viable prototypes. Based on them, he bred weaker specimens and formed a small but powerful army. In 2060, Apophis created a massive, seven-headed synthosaur called the Omegasynth. The creature's body remains inanimate but undiscovered due to the attack on Apophis' compound.

Abilities and traits

Synthosaurs resemble bipedal lizards, either with wings or none, depending on the breed. The color of their scales is dependent on the elemental powers they have. They vary in size, most of which are the size of humans, but have been known to be as large as forty feet. The Omegasynth is enormous, approximately 100 m tall and a wingspan of a thousand feet. Synthosaurs possess elemental powers infused into them. Their diversity has resulted into various breeds depending on their abilities. They are also immune to their own element. Since they are still experimental, most of the surviving specimens are volatile and suffer from genetic anomalies and design flaws.


  • Pyrosynth
  • Hydrosynth
  • Terrasynth
  • Aerosynth
  • Cryosynth
  • Electrosynth
  • Venosynth
  • Luxsynth
  • Umbrasynth
  • Echosynth
  • Metasynth
  • Omegasynth

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