Tales of Guardia is an epic story of a boy whose forefather was the former leader of a defensive company called GUARDIAN. GUARDIAN in other words called "GUARDIA" is the company liable to the defense of the nations. Its origin was formed when the six winged dragon called "Neuthalius" caused havoc to the world and after that, four warriors sealed him again in the heavens and prevented him from coming back. Neuthalius is a dragon possessed with pure light and pure darkness that will be scattered when he himself dies without a slayer. Afterwards, one of the warriors named "Zyrath" created a small organization and currently became a large company of GUARDIAN until it was confirmed the supreme defender of the world.

GUARDIAN has three positions. They are the Army, the Armed, and the Elite.


Guardian Symbol of a Shield.

ARMY - They are GUARDIANs that only serves as a troop to the mission or Quest.

ARMED - A higher version of Army. They serve as troops too, but unlike Armies, Armed can be joined to special or private missions.

ELITE - These are GUARDIANS who are strongly recommended all the missions of the company. They are given with special and exclusive weapons for them to survive in the Mission.

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