The Teggedon Spiral, also known as the Teggedon Galaxy, was one of a near infinite number of galaxies in the universe. The spiral galaxy was approximately 108,000 light years in diameter and contained over 400 billion stars. The galaxy was divided into eight regions known as octants: the Alpha, Delta, Eta, Kappa, Omicron, Sigma, Phi, and Omega Octants. The dominant species of the Teggedon Spiral, humans, were not native to that galaxy. Instead, humans were transported to the Teggedon Spiral by a race known as the Precursors over 200,000 years before the Xaronese Era.

Spiral Arms

  • Valamiran-Ostagrian Arm
  • Yaquellian Arm
  • Lorthaji Arm
  • Sokhaji Arm
  • Jalzak Arm
  • Mataxerian Arm


Axis Pact

League Militant

Nonaligned Powers

Satellite galaxies

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