A Televator is a tele-transporation portal/elevator that is widely used on the new 40 000 feet height buildings.

Technical problems and accidents

When a person uses it, its body is totally destroyed by a gamma ray device, and it is reconstructed in the destination's televator. The data about body of this person is sent using a dynamic IP-based protocol.

Anyway, an ever-present problem is the fact of the original person could have dead, and the new one would be just a clon/copy. Indeed, given there is not method to transport its "soul" or any "spiritual thingy", the original person does not exist anymore. More over, reconstructed persons would be soulless zombies.

Common accidents:

  • A failed communication protocol would lead to the generation of TWO equal persons on different televators.
  • If the electrical service is suddenly broken, half-person would have been already transported, leading to a very disgusting death.
  • A short electrical service's shutdown would lead to the no-transportation of some entrails, leading to a very disgusting sickness and/or death.
  • If destination's televator service fails, people would be being sent to their doom as they enter into the televators and their bodies are never reconstructed.

Thus only persons who hate themselves use those machines.

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