Earth Eastern Hemisphere

The home world of the humans and the Terrabots, by which it was created.

A Terrabot is any member of an ancient alien-humanoid robot race thought to have created the Earth 4 milliard and 540 million and 20 hundred and 13 years before now, in 4,540,000,000 BC. Their native homeworld is Earth, also the home of humans.


The Terrabots came into existence during the Sun's formation, around 4,600,000,000 BC. They later created the Earth with various small asteroids merged together to form the planet we now call Earth.

Earth was in a very unstable state when it was created. Knowing this, the Lunabots, another robot humanoid race, created the Moon in 4,500,000,000 BC. In 4,000,000,000 BC, the Terrabots turned the Earth from having a hot and molten surface, to being very much like it is today.


The Terrabots appear like robotic humans with 2 legs, 2 arms, a torso, and a head, very much like a human appearance. The Lunarbots have a similar appearance.

Contact with animals

The Terrabots made contact with primitive animals during the Cambrian period, beginning around 541,000,000 BC and ending in 485,400,000 BC. They later made contact with early amniotes during the Permian period in around 256,302,206 BC.

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