The Outer Colonies, or Rebels as they are referred to, are a a large number of colonies that have broken off the Confederacy after years of unjust treatment and rule from Chancellor De'Vires regime. While not united as one, all the colonies share a common border with the Confederacy and the neighboring alien powers.


The first colony to break off from the Confederacy was Catia IX. Eventually more planets began to follow Catia's path and began breaking off.

Political Beliefs

What unites most of the Rebels is one simple common goal; To overthrow Chancellor De'Vires' totalitarian rule, demishing his anti-Alien and Humansupremacist policies, and returning the Confederate government to it's former self. In addition, they all also share the belief that De'Vires is a threat, not just to the galaxy, but the Human race as well, and believe that he has no interest in the best of his people, but instead is only interested in shaping the galaxy in his own image. With that said, the Rebels are determined to meet their goal and return the Confederacy back to it's former glory, with the help of their alien allies.

However, there are a few worlds that do not share the same beliefs that the majority of the other rebels do. The most well known example is Axiarias VI, which shares De'Vires' anti-Alien and Humansupremacist policies and beliefs, but believes that his government is against everything the Confederacy once stood for. As a result of this, Axiarian rebels can be seen attack both Confederate and other Rebel forces.

Military Strength And Tatics

Each world has it's own military, though star systems with more than one colonized world will share a military amongst it's colonies. Despite not being a single united political entity, the many military forces will work together when combating the Confederacy. To counter the warships of the Confederate Navy, the Outer Colonies have created their original ship designs which they all share amongst each other.

On the surface of planets, the Rebels make heavy use of Gurella tactics.

Notable Rebel Worlds

Cardo-A planet covered in flat, massive plains of red grass. Originally it was once a penal colony that housed multiple prisons to hold the Confederacy's undesirables, including criminals, rebels, and aliens. After breaking off from the Confederacy, the prisons across the planet have freed their prisoners, most of which have either returned home or joined the fight against the Confederacy.

Hadyes-Haydes is a barren world covered in massive canyons and mountains with minor volcanic activity planet. A base has been established in an abandoned fortress located on top of one of the rocky mountains. The fortress was also bountiful in weapons and supplies that were left there after the Confederacy abandoned it years ago. The fortress also contains a hanger and there are orbital cannons placed along side the mountain near the fortress.

Jarhella-A peaceful, wealkthy world which is home to some of the smartest Terrans. Jarhella is dominated by grassy hills and valleys.

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