Political information
Type of government

Theocratic Empire

Founding document

1062 BTC


Holy Scripts

Head of State

Grand Apostle

Head of Government

Loyal Heir


High Champion Admiral Johaan

Executive branch

Heavens Representatives

Legislative branch

Divine Council

Judicial branch

Consortium of the Judiciaries

Societal information


Official language

Latin and English



State religious body


National holiday



Pontifical Anthem

Historical information
Formed from

1053 BTC

Date of fragmentation

43 BTC

Date of reorganization


The Terran Theocracy, The Theocracy or just The Empire is a massive interstellar empire spanning 758,432 square light years. The Theocracy is a major entity in the Galactic Crusade. The theocracy is strictly based off of the Ancient Roman empire on the Terran home world.


The Theocratic elements of the Empire is the building block of literally ever part of Terran politics, from the Legislation to even looking at the First Chapel.

Heavens Representatives

Heavens Representatives is a small High Council consisting of the Grand Apostle, Loyal Heir, Holy Admiral Johann and the Cardinals of each political branch. The Representatives meet monthly discussing a broad range of topics correlating to events occurring that month, for situations which can be solved through interventions by the Representatives are primarily focused on.In short the annual meetings and the Heavens Representatives just exist to extinguish the internal conflicts building up over the month.

Divine Council

The Divine Council is a collective of Senators (rulers of Provinces within the Theocracy) who meet for only one of two reasons.

  1. A single or multiple provinces are economic, political, social, or military situations. The Council meets and finds a way to put a end to it. A failure to do so results in a shutdown of all activities within the provinces until resolved.
  2. After the Representatives have meet and the Cardinal of Legislation enlightens the Senators on what actions will be took to handle the previous month's situations.

The Council, although running a simple job, is made up of extremely professional politicians and the smallest hint of corruption leads to full scale investigations by the Providence.