The After War Crisis is a dystopian science fiction series created by T.C Micheal and is set during a fictional Cold War era where resources are running dry following an economic collapse followed by events escalating into global war. The series has been in long struggle, and several rough drafts were made in the making of this series. It is part of the Star Millennia project which aims to create several stand alone series and independent stories.


The series is set in an early 1990's where surviving humans now live in giant supercities isolated from the rest of the world now overrun by criminal gangs, toxic ruins, and low populated havens. The events were preceded by global conflict that escalated between the United States and the Soviet Union. This also saw extended conflict in the Vietnam War and the heated battle between NATO and Soviet forces. Elsewhere the conflict also saw conflict in Anchorage Alaska where the decisive battle between US and Russia were fought while Chinese soldiers deployed near the West Coast jointly with the Soviets. The war lasted between 1984 to 1987.



Sarah Jane Loveheart, a veteran of the United States Special Forces is living out in the barley-populated state of Arizona, (now part of a holdout of the ailing West Coast Alliance which composes most of the Mojave between Nevada, Arizona, and Texas) operates a small policing unit of the New Republic Police Commission set in Phoenix, Sarah is partnered by her wartime friend Michael James Stacy, her brother Reese and their childhood friend Lisa Maria Rose.

(Section under WIP)

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