The Bellum Expanse

Future/alternate history universe.

Aliens exist, faster than light technology and various worlds/cultures at differing stages of development.

Major Races


Genetically the same as people today, culturally diverse and varied.


Humanoid, average height is 6ft 5 inches, not usually over 7 ft. Slender build, limbs long and torso smaller than a human.Generally religious with mathematical overtones, these people love patterns and look for patterns in everything. The more complex the better.


Humanoid, muscular build, covered in short wiry hair. The color patters vary and are considered a sign of social status.Similar to humans in size and weight but completely covered in hair (like the dog faced man). High energy, quick and impatient.


Lizard/reptilian humanoid with scales. Cold blooded, affected by extreme heat and cold. Slow to action, once their mindis made up they are hard to dissuade. lifespan is approximately 120 to 140 years maximum.

Yuvani and Ohrani

Technically one species but so distinct they consider themselves two. Yuvani are the intellectual superiors of the Ohrani.Both evolved alongside each other often in warfare and still distrust each other. The Ohrani are muscular and direct, subtlety andcunning are lost on them, while not incapable of lying it is not something they are good at and is difficult for them to do. The twopeoples were once one race, The Ohyuni and lived in harmony until their world went through an ice age that divided their onepeople into two groups on different sizes of the continent. Many Ohyuni froze but many more survived. The ice remained as aseparating force for thousands of years, when the Ice started to melt the two peoples met again and had changed so much thatthey no longer looked similar. The Yuvani are short, pale bluish skinned people with a strong connection to nature and atechnology that revolves around growing the machinary they need instead of building it. The Ohrani have had a more adversarialtake on nature and have worked hard to forge a life on the same planet. Their technology is riggid and heavy.

Major Worlds

Newton H17 - human homeworld

Thakoosh -faring home world

Ka - ja'yinn home world

Thormesstrissi- Hok homeworld

Chutha- Yuvani and Oh homeworldrani

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