Political information
Type of government



Principles of the Districts

Head of State


Head of Government

District Ministers


High General Fa'lto

Executive branch

House of Hauto (2570s)

Legislative branch

Grand Ministry

Judicial branch

Supreme Court

Societal information


Official language

No official language




No official anthem. multiple semiofficial anthems

Historical information
Date of establishment


The Coalition (The State or The Union) is a galactic union of Districts and evidently the largest entity in the Lunctus Galaxy.

The Coalition had constant internal struggles due to ancient post-war fear, bigotry and ongoing economic and environmental damage. Although relatively it was the most stable and efficient state in the Galaxy.


The Coalition was founded in 2194 in response to ever increasing problems after the 43 year interstellar occupation of the Imperials.

The Coalitions District System was set up in 2197 in response to the vast amounts of cultural, ethical, political, etc., diversity across the Galaxy. The first District, modern day District 4, was set up in February of 2198 and marked the creation of the 9 other Districts with District 8 completed by November.

In 2212 the Grand Ministry resolved the increasing criminal activity within the Galaxy by creating The Exile, the large and isolated section of space located about 4600 light years from the Coalition. Originally The Exile was one of the most horrid places in the Galaxy with its crime rates of 99.7% and evil mega-corporations destroying lush worlds for their resources, although this ended when The System was created and installed partial ordinance to The Exile.

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