In 2074, the world had changed more than expected. All the extinct creatures in the world were brought back to life. Three nerdy scientists created the creatures from Halo, Gears of War, and Pokemon. The world was astonished. But tensions between countries grew and some ended. In 2021, North and South Korea joined together under a democracy. The US, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, and Haiti joined forces. Russia, Mongolia, and China also joined forces. This then created more tensions. Nuclear missile stockpiles were upgraded. Businesses started to make large underground vaults. Each able to hold 500,000 people. All creatures in the world were put in the shelters. Then, the day came. The Russo-Mongol-Chinese Empire launched nukes against the US. US stockpiles were then launched against the enemy powers(Everyone except Spain, the UK, and the UAE). In 2 hours, at 4:00 Los Angeles time, the world was gone. No one was on the surface. If there was they would be mutants. This is the start of my story.
 I was born in Shelter 69 in Perris, California on April 14th, 2390. That was exactly 18 years ago. I should have done this at the start. My name is Max

Pokemon, The Halo Universe, and the Gears of War titles belong to their owners, not me(of course).

Please do not edit.

          -Set by me, the creator, on April 10th, at 4:27 PDT of 2014.

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