The Eternals

1. Part 1 is a story about a boy who have to find the 3 Eternals, to fight the evil Irk. On his way he is tried to be stopped by several henchmen.

2. Part 2 this part begins with the knowledge that Irk is under controle of Kingsblade. They fight Kingsblade and win.

3. Part 3 50 years since Kingsblade is beaten. Mysterious men (The Captain, and Killer) are looking for the secret ingredients to revive Kingsblade and his master Demonico. After the revivel the knights show up, the old battle partners of The Great Eternal. The Eternals battle Demonico and The Great Eternal gives his live to beat Demonico.

The Eternals: The Balance between good and evil

1. 250 years after Demonico is beaten. The earth is ruled by an emperor. A kid searches for the mutants (Irkania (successor of Irk), Thundercat




  • Drake/Dragonman (hero of the story)/(eternal of all living creatures)
  • Solara (eternal of space)
  • Zed (eternal of indimension)
  • The Great Eternal (Head of all eternals)

The New Mutants


First Evil, later good

Evil (Ranked Order)

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