The Fusion Initiative

It has been 500 years since the time of fossil fuels and many things have changed. Since the fall of the british empire in 2459, the alliance once refered to as the "comonwealth'' spent all their money into a huge island called austalia. A deep inderround dome was built and the contents of the dome would take 300 years to complete. spanning 3000km in size (1864 miles) it would later be refered to as the Space AGE Project. The year is now 2946 and the race of the humans has expanded to cover a large proportion of the solar system. Four new races were discovered. One found on mars by the space age project, another found colonizing the asteroid belt. But one race did not need to be found. The Ring, they call themselves (in our language thats what it means) are a genocidal race. If they could not enslave you they would kill you. But one man did not need to bow to them. He had something noone in the milky way galaxy had...

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