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The Galawar

The Galawar is a war between two collided galaxies: Milky Way galaxy and the Dark Star galaxy in the year 4516. Many species such as humans, xanafarians, and venusians fight in this war for freedom,glory, and power.


In 4596, a moving galaxy called Fzyvgli Jkset, or "Dark Star" in english, collided with the Milky Way galaxy.One being named Ronastu of Xanafar, which is a planet on Dark Star, wanted to invade the Milky Way but crash landed on Earth. The humans fought back but they knew they were no match for him so they sought help from other planets in the galaxy. The U.N. decided to send a destress call through the whole galaxy. Ronastu heard of this plan and not only sent his army to Earth but called allies from other planets. The two opposing threats met and started the Galawar

The Story So Far

After 20 years of war, the galactic government are training teens to fight so that some day, the war will end. 4 kids: Gerad, Zac, Roger, and Fang, are in the highest class in the training school. They are chosen to some day fight in the war and claim victory for the Milky Way galaxy. Each of the boys are different species of alien.

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