The Galaxy

The Galaxy consists of Mars, Venus, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the (old) new planet of Pluto. The Galaxy of this era is in the Earth year 3467. This is when a major disastor happened that changed Earth forever.

The Great Disaster

The Great Disaster was, well, a disaster of epic proportions. In the year 3467, on June 13, a coalition of aliens invaded Earth. They had 100,000 aliens strong, with a superweapon called the N'Klasga. In human tounge it would be called the Reaper. It was a destructive Dooms-Day device that wiped out Area 51 and every town and city in a fifty-mile radius. The aliens brought a fleet to eath surpassing the Galaxy's ships all together, breached the defenses, and used the Reaper to almost destroy Arizona. The United Nations would not stand for this. They tried to assemble an army, and came up with around 250,000 troops. 200,000 of them were obliterated before the aliens lost half their troops. So the U.N. decided to leave Earth, and brought with them 1,000,000 civillians and 50,000 drafted troops. They were to search for anything to aid them.

Finding Help

The humans of Earth settled on a colony in Mars. They built it bigger, stronger, and made defenses and established a "new Earth". They set up some mining colonies and made an army. By the year 3500, the humans were ready to take back Earth. And so they it back with over 500,000 men strong, with the alien troops having 200,000.


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