The General Archives is a system of records and logs presented forth by the Exploration Space Fleet of the Planetary Federation that gives trustworthy information on the new societies added to the Federation as they go forth to find the lost civilizations from the Gran Scatter that occurred in 2430. It also holds the personal logs of Presidents and Council members before the incumbent members of the Government.

The Archives are only accessed by the Archivists who are a group of highly advanced Monks who live a life of solitude in the Main Drive of the Archive Database. They are contacted via Ansible report from the government to look up specific data and only specific data, for some of the information is very harmful to the fundimentals of the Federation.

The Archives are now at least 1000 years old and have been the greatest construct of Electronic Machinery in all of history. the Archivists are said to make a journey to the Centre of the Archives every 200 years, making this their fifth time. What they do there is considered by many to be a dangerous secret best left alone.

Archivial Data

The Archives are divided into five sections, each as important as the next. The Archivists find this an easy way to access all of the information stored.

General Data

In the General Data unit, all information relating to common things like daily events and other minor things are stored here. Sometimes, entire Journals are stored here that contain nothing of significant value to the Federation. This is open to the public in the form of the Hex-Gate, a secure corporative system that can access it from a distance.

Martial Data

In the Martial Data unit, information relating to the Location of specific Military Items, the Identification of several prominant figures and Military strategies are located here. This is considered top secret and only those with a Rank four or Higher military command may access these records through the Government Ansible system by requesting them and confirming their identity while also confirming what section of the Martial Data they wish to access.

Anthropological Data

The Anthropological Data unit contains information regard society, cultures and Religion of a Civilization or Planet. This is not common information and is rarely accessed, but only in times of need has it ever been used to find an enemy's weakness. Only through understanding the Data unit can a person through Ansible receive anything from the Archives.

Political Data

Special Data

Known Archivists

Known Data from Archives

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