'                                           The Krokovanian Lord


One time, 75,000 years ago, lived a race called The Krokovanians. They were a deadly race. Enslaving all other planets in the Universe. Planet by planet, race by race, alien by alien, The Krokovanians slayed them all. All seemed lost. Most battles ended in The Krokovanians winning. A rare few drawn to a stalemat, you see. These beasts are immune to all things, as they are made of strong steel and titanium. All the lesser planets had technology that could not destroy the enemies. So, when all seemed lost. When The Krokovanians placed their mark in History. The one thing they did not know. Was that on the farest edges of the Universe. Was one planet. One planet. That still believed that they coud reclaim the Universe from the Hell-Creatures. The planet is named: Fantonia, and on that planet, live The Fantonians. A race bred for war. Not like the Krokovanians. They understood mercy. They were bred for war against injustice. Wherever injustice is. They will stare deep into its eyes.......and they will fight!

Chapter 1: The Road To War

"No! Please! Please! Don't hurt me, AGH!!" The Krokovanians finished decimating the planet Catanina, home of the Canashians.

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