Set in The Galactic Conquest series where a young woman named Talia who is a wandering spacer and partnered by Krys, her childhood friend and former priestess of their clan on the planet Armais, in which they were exiled from after Talia had disagreements with the clan's new leader over their regime change with a rival clan. Eventually, she was left with the option of taking a partner for her departure or face a judicial hearing and eventfully face insubordination charges. While departing from the surface, Talia had longed to live a more peaceful life outside of the brutal teachings and cold heartlessness of war. Talia however could not avoid the harshness of space as over time, she had handled carriers in bounty hunting, smuggling, piracy, and eventually becoming a warlord herself. Talia's choices would meet with it's consequences and promises that would drive her from a long way from her dream.



A female bounty hunter and of a pale skinned species is the primary protagonist as well as a heroine. Talia was exiled from her clan and fled into the stars where she searches for a better life. She is aged 21 years.

Nicknamed "Krys" is Talia's childhood friend and was a priestess serving at the clan's Temple of Warfare library. Chris became Talia's aide during her exile and became her ship's operator. She is aged 20.

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