Landing and Encounter

On July, 20th, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, this marked a new dawn for the human race, that was untill disaster struck. Soon after they landed, Niel Alden Armstrong was sent to explore the area around Apollo 11, soon later Armstrongs team got a distress call from his crew. By the time Armstrong got back, he found his crew dead, he contacts Mission Control Center, telling them of his situation. When Control Center tells Armstrong to evacuate, there is no reply. The Presidemt, Richard M. Nixon is informed by one of his secretarys of this close-encounter. Not exactly sure how to deal with the problems, Richard replys: "They killed unarmed people, who only wanted to show the world that a man can walk on the Moon, so if they think there able to just kill us till damn and then leave, then they got another thing coming". To deal with the problem, Nixon orderd a group of Elite Space Commondos be commissioned and that "Weapons of War" be given to them. To try to keep the war a secret, Nixon told the media that right when the crew was about to take off, it malfunctioned and caused a explosion that killed the whole crew. (It will be continued....)

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