The Last Sykharim Dynasty (formerly the Mirakhys Sovereignty) is the second oldest race in the Multiverse who were once a benevolent race of psionically gifted humanoids, and thus were recognized as the Multiverse's very first psionically imbued race. They made significant advances in technology in a short span of time, even without the aid of the Technolords, and eventually progressed into a prosperous race famed for their excellence in constructing mighty interstellar vessels and charting the vast cosmos in the Absalom Universe.

However, as the Age of Chaos descended upon the Great Races and Disorder swept across the stars, the Mirakhys were one of the first races to fall to corruption. Driven by demonic powers and a hatred for all life, the Mirakhys were slowly twisted into horrible monstrosities and soon after renounced their ancient name to become the fearsome Sykharim. They waged a long and terrible war against the Strangarian in what is known as the War of the Bloodied Stars before they were driven back by the Great Savior Lord Dronos and his grand Empire. Almost two-thirds of the Sykharim population was decimated by the Empire's vast armies, forcing the remaining survivors to dabble in cloning to bolster their waning numbers.


Little is known of how the Mirakhys first came to be.

The Downfall of a Great Race

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