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"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

Eons ago, before the titanic strugle between Rojixus tal Shiar and Hinnrad Perun for control of the galaxy, before the cataclysmic Great Galactic War, before the Xaronese Celestial Empire and United Stars Federation began their Thousand-Year Contention, before there were even humans on multiple worlds, humans once lived on a single world. On this world, humans created a race of self-aware and self-replicating machines. These machines for reasons known only to them rose up and exterminated the humans.

As time passed, the machines became remorseful and sought to give humanity the stars as penance. And thus, the machines seeded humans on worlds across the galaxy and then left to explore the wider universe. The new human races were denied knowledge of their ancestors and eventually developed their own civilizations. In time, they reached the stars and encountered each other. That is when the bloodshed began. Who will survive this clash of star empires? Behold the story of humanity's strife and yearning, their love and their hate, how they live...and how they die! All of this and more await you in—THE TEGGEDON SPIRAL CHRONICLES!


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