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"In an infinite universe, there are infinite possibilities!"

Among the hominid races of the Teggedon Spiral, there is a legend. The specific details differ, but the basic outline is the same: Humanity was once one species who came from one world. Eons ago, Old Humanity ruled the stars, but they were cut down in their prime by their own creations. Men crafted from iron rebelled against the Old Human Empire and massacred humanity. A small remnant of humanity was able to flee to the Teggedon Spiral and begin civilization anew by abandoning their technology. Eons later, humanity would again become masters of the stars, but this was not the sa me humanity as before...

Now, in modern times, the many h ominid races clamor for power and battle each other for supremacy of the galaxy. Who will survive this clash of star empires? Behold the story of humanity's strife and yearning, their love and their hate, how they live...and how they die! All of this and more await you in—THE TEGGEDON SPIRAL CHRONICLES!


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