The Unknown Project is a very secret project developed by WRG, General Kader Bard, Hyper Programmer, the japanase rich man Urokawa and many other very important persons who are the smartest guys on Earth. It is basically the colonization of Moon by people of the Western Resistance and japanase people, letting to the New World Order to take over the world.

"Earth was really contaminated, anyways" Urokawa said.

The Idea

Hyper Programmer was desperated: It looks like NWO was about to win the war. General Kader Bard said "It is a shame we can not move to Moon".

"Why not?" Hyper Programmer asked, and General Kader Bard just said "You are right... Why not? We will live on Moon!".


Stages One

Moon lacks of water, but a massive comet bombing would create an ocean. So it is the first stage: The massive comet bombing. Hyper Programmer will use a giant comet-tracker ray-beam that will throw lots of comets to Moon.

Stages Two

Moon lacks of magnetic camp. To create one Moon will need a fluid astenosphere and a metalic center. It is a really complicated stage, as the project will need giant mounts of metal to do that. Hyper Programmer will have to manage to throw a metallic asteroid straight to the Moon, so it can make its way to the center of Moon. The heat of hit will be enough to melt rock, to create magma.

Stage Three

Hyper Programmer will use his machine to attract million meteoros, throwing them over Moon. The extra weight will normalize the lunar gravitation.

Stage Four

Moon will need an atmosphere: No problem. The natural evaporation process of the new lunar oceans will create a water steam atmosphere. To create oxygen it will be necessary to send some algaes to Moon. After 500 000 000 years, Oxygen will be enough to sustain live.

Technical Problems

It takes too long. Earth will be a life-less dead potato then.

<short>Sometimes my articles look like vandalism :0</short>

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