The inferno is a 8D+1T spacetime universe. It is located in the D cluster 1024.1km to the left of the Local Universal Cluster within Ultraverse L, the ultraverse known with the only known set of laws of physics that allow known life to exist. Despite of this, no signs of life was detected in The inferno. As its name implies, The inferno is in a constant blaze of plasma, flame etc.

Geometry and structure

The inferno is true 7-spherical, separated into 3 major levels in 8D by 6-spherical walls of lava. In addition, networks and filaments of lava and clouds of plasma and metal vapors are found throughout The inferno. forming a structure resembles a cave complex.

At the north and south poles of The inferno, there exist a möbius indentation. Any beings with dimensions less than 8 will be mirror reflected after crossing this region. In addition to the twisted space, the polar region is of constant negative curvature hyperbolic space.


The inferno consists of dark matter (15%) concentrated mainly at the polar region, dark energy and mionic matter (45%) diffused throughout the 7 spherical space. The remaining 40% is ordinary matter, which forms the filaments of lava, metal vapor clouds and plasma clouds.


Due to it's 8 dimensional nature, gravity is 5 times weaker in The inferno than in the Standard universe. Because of this, filaments of lava are more preferred to form than balls of dense plasma (stars) as atomic nuclei are unlikely to be brought close enough to allow nuclear fusion to take place. Should a nuclear fusion happened, the low gravity of The inferno is insufficient to hold the plasma into a ball. Therefore no stars but few microscopic ones are found throughout this universe. Instead, clouds of plasma dominates the space.

Gravity is the strongest (But still 4.99987 times weaker than that in the Standard universe) at the polar regions due to the higher concentration of dark matter present relative to other regions. Gravity is also strong near the 2 dense latitude lava spheres that separate The inferno into 3 levels.

Due to reasons not well understood, the mean temperature remains constant at 2.26x1086 oC. As a result, anything exposed to the hot environment will be vaporized or even ionized into plasma.

Water (H2O) is unstable in The inferno and will be converted quickly into (H8O). This includes water content in organisms. Any water based organisms outside the physics laws protection bubbles will be dehydrated and be dead within minutes.

Place of interest

Inferno dents

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