This story is during the time that NASA is further branching their exploration plan.

Moonbase Prepares

2059-NASA on Moonbase II finds an excellent place to lay a base on Mars.

The Falcon 6 is created especially for this purpose after five failed attempts to land on Mars with the Falcon Program. NASA develops technology to endure the Martian sandstorms and makes the Falcon 6 and the parts for the base with that technology.

The Mars Station Construction

2060-NASA is finally starting to build the space station on Mars.

The main station was deployed. The Falcon 6 descended on to Mars' rocky surface 15 feet from the ground, the spaceship launched 4 support poles then the building. The poles drilled about 14 feet below the martian surface then extended to get a tight grip in the rock. now that the main station was securely placed on the surface, the rocketship bridge was placed on the airlock. The team was successful at putting the first parts to the Mars Space Observatory on Mars.

2063- NASA was finished.

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