Theatre of Rakkuuna
Date 2 December 2176 – 21 July 2179
Location Rakkuuna
Result Decisive human victory
Collapse of Ki'sa military
End of war
UN forces occupies the planet
10,600,000 men, 700,000 armored units
4,000 vessels

Ki'sa :
31,868,000 ground soldiers, 24,689 armored units
1,700 vessels
Military casualties:
350,546 killed
Civilian Casualties:

Military casualties:19,706,000 killed, 41,110,162 captured,
all equipment lost or captured
Civilian Casualties:
21,117,000 (est.) killed

Rakkuna rainforest

Many of the military intel facilites of the Ki'sa were located in remote areas of the planet

Juggernaut mech design v1 by sancient-d7iju1u

The introduction of the "Orbital Insertion" method by the UNAF for super heavy infantry directly into cities was key to the successful conquest of the planet

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