General Information








Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Height

160 cm

Average Weight

60 kg

Hair Colors


Eye Colors

Blue (flourescent)

Abilities Information
Psychic Ability


Special Attributes
  • Above average dexterity
  • Above average hearing
Societal Information
Common Affiliations

Theran Kingdom

OOC Information


Theran are humanoid felines that evolved from large mammalian predators. Their fur is black, their eyes are blue and flourescent, and they have large ears.

The average Theran stand 160 cm tall and weighs 60 kg. He has flourescent blue eyes and black fur (though other colours occasionally manifest).

Most Theran are competitive and disciplined, always seeking to prove themselves. Their slightly shorter lifespan causes them to focus on improving themselves to the exclusion of all else. Love is viewed as distracting, since the only purpose of sexuality is to breed. Once a male and a female Theran have bred, they go their separate ways, though they more often than not continue to harbour loyalty for one another. Even so, Theran are remarkably loyal towards those they view as friends.
Psionic abilities are viewed as a gift, and no Theran would think less of a Telepath using his abilities in his favour. Indeed, other Theran view an opposing Telepath as a challenge to better themselves, which tend to speed up their quest for improvement.

Theran live in a meritocratic society, where the only way to advance is to prove yourself worthy of a task. Theran society promotes discipline and winner instinct.

Theran names place the family name in front of the given name; ie, Simcer Tardir, rather than Tardir Simcer.

A Theran is physically and mentally similar to humans, but display a greater physical dexterity and better hearing. Psionic abilities manifest in one out of a million, and these individuals use their psionic abilities to advance in society.

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