The Thrallian Tyranny was a vassal-state of the Xaronese Celestial Empire. The Thrallian Tyranny once believed itself to be the most powerful and advanced state in the Teggedon Spiral with over a thousand star systems under its control. However, in 4953 XE, a fleet of Xaronese warships commanded by Commodore Daigocraxis e Rentarixus tal Shiar made contact with the Tyranny by entering orbit above Thrale. The contemporary Tyrant of Thrale, Alkhan II, readily agreed to become a vassal of the Xaronese in the hope that the Xaronese would secure his throne from usurpation by his brother Qaldru. During the Galactic War, Thrallian military units fought exceedingly well in campaigns across the galaxy.

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