This is a short story that I was bored and decided to write. In it, two best friends from Romania, and Akhtenah the Sun Pharaoh, embark on a journey to Earth's distant future.

It begins...


In the year 1987, Dr. Petronela Stanca, a Romanian inventor, invented the first time machine, the Time Killer. He invited his friend, Romana Stanca, to test the Time Killer. "Whoa! That's amazing," Romana said. Petronela replied, "Let's test it out." Then the two tested it out by jumping 50 years ahead, from 1987 to 2037. In 2037, Romania was now inhabited by the Romanoborgs, the robotic descendants of the Romanian people. "I am a Romanian just like you, Petronela," Romana said. A Romanoborg named SG-37 met Petronela and Romana. Petronela said, "Romana and I are from 1987." "THERE IS AS OF YET NO SIGNIFICANT ANSWER," SG-37 said. "That makes no sense," Romana said. The trio then travelled ahead to the year 8012. The Earth, or at least Romania, in 8012, was inhabited by zombies; reanimated dead bodies controlled by evil masters. The three then travelled ahead to the year 10,000 A.D., in which the Earth's continents were vast deserts, and the Humans had reverted to a society reminiscent to Ancient Egypt. There, they encountered Akhtenah the Sun Pharaoh. "I am the Sun Pharaoh," Akhtenah announced. Petronela allowed SG-37 to stay in that year. Then Petronela, Romana, and Akhtenah all travelled ahead to 26,075 A.D. The Humans in 26,075 A.D. had emerged from their 15,000 year exile on planet Mars. The trio then continued into the future until arriving in 10,000,000 A.D. In 10,000,000 A.D., Romania had become a wasteland. The Humans were fighting a losing war against the robots, which, as one Human admitted, they created to ease their lives. "This is a nightmare," Akhtenah said. Then they next arrived in 100,000,000 A.D., in which the Milky Way had stablized from a collision in 100,000,000 B.C. Then they travelled ahead to the year 5,000,000,000 A.D., a night terror in which the Sun had become a red giant and the Earth had become a wasteland inhabited by demons. "Oh my God!", Romana exclaimed. A demon replied, "God has nothing to do with it." Then the trio travelled back to Canada in circa 2013, where they met Justin Bieber. And then they lived happily ever after.

The end.

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