"We gotta stop living in the 21st century... as far as we're concerned it's year zero for us." - Henry Aguilar

Timeframe is an American science fiction television series created by Psyfyman81 aka Phillip A. Leavenworth. The series is an ensemble drama that follows the 21st century city of San Vincente, California and its residents, as they are inexplicably catapulted over 500 years into the past to the year 1492. The group of nine people, seemingly unrelated, attempt to find the truth behind their arrival in the past.

It is revealed that two members of the group may have been behind their arrival in the past. This series is meant to be a historical piece as well as a "clash of civilizations."


On September 26, 2015, the city of San Vincente, California is inexplicably transported to Florida in the year 1492. It is subsequently revealed that a few characters are from the future and maybe behind  the residents transport to the 15th century. It is also revealed that San Vincente is not the only city to be flung back in time. Another faction within the city nicknamed “Timekeepers,” who travel through time and make sure history is the way it should be. Would require 1492 to take place inside the same primary timeline. Why is history changing? 

It is revealed that each time travel creates a new parallel universe or alternative timeline which does not effect the other timelines. However, with every transit, it seems less and less likely that the residents would ever return to their original timeline. And they never return.


Layout of Amerind tribes throughout North America prior to 1492


Character profile, name, occupation, residence, DOB, POB, Ethnicity, Martial Status, Based on.

  • Dr. Ted Hudson/Future Ted "Fed"- A physics professor at San Vincente Community College. He is married to a former student medical surgeon Mimi. VITRUVIAN MAN, is a symbol for East’s time travel project. (Alternative name: Chris Parker) (Cary Elwes)
  • Dr. Mimi Hudson (nee Carver) - A medical surgeon working at the San Vincente Memorial Hospital, she is married to Dr. Ted Hudson. She has a sister named Emily.
  • Emily Carver - Emily is a college student returning from Stanford University to stay with her sister. She is Mimi's younger sister and Ted's sister-in-law.
  • George E. Martinez "Georgie" - He is a computer technician as well as computer nerd, ackward with women and sealed off emotionally. He attended Stanford University where he met Ted and began to confide in him as a friend.
  • Martin Cole - Mr. Cole is a millionaire industrialist and socialite living in the expensive parts of San Vincente. He used to be close friends with Duane Thompson in the 1990s during their service in the Army. Cole is revealed to be an alias. Cole and Ted are actually time travelers from 2062.
  • Andrea Janko - Janko is a B-list actresss looking for Cole to bring her decent work, growing tired of being featured predominantly in period pieces.
  • Master Sergeant Duane Thompson - He is a retired Army Master Sergeant with over 20 years of combat experience. Once a close friend to Cole.
  • Acting Mayor Mitch Hasegawa - He is a City Council chairman who is thrust into a leadership role when his town is catapulted into the past. He is having an affair with Sorensen.
  • Acting Police Chief Giovanna Sorensen - She is a Police Commander filling in for San Vincente's Police Chief who was out of town when the city was thrown back in time. She is having an affair with Acting Mayor Hasegawa.
  • Henry Aguilar - A gas station attendant that rendered assistance to Ted and Cole's groups when their cars crashed during the Flash. He has a wide-range of knowledge about Native Amercian culture.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edgar Gould - A retired Colonel in the Army thrust back into service for the residents who don't have a defense commander.
  • Dr. Lloyd Carpenter - Scientist who disappeared, but seems to have been responsible for San Vincente's transit back in time. He is bent on creating a "colony" in the past to assimilate and preside over as "god." "The Untapped Resource: Powers of the Mind" Thought to have been erased from time.
  • Admiral and Viceroy of the Americas Christopher Columbus - Secondary antagonistic force, representing an obstacle for the San Vincente residents, and the culture clash between the 21st century and 15th century.
  • The Chieftain - Leader of a band of Native Americans in Florida.
  • The Timekeeper- Omnipresent being with domain over all realities.
  • Natalie Elliot (nee Denison)- Nursing staffer from Perth visiting her crazy uncle. (Pippa Black)
  • Flight Lt. Stuart Elliot- Aboriginal ex-husband of Natalie, works for the Royal Australian Air Force, was trying to get his son back when their Flash occured.
  • Rory Elliot- "Half-caste" child of Stuart and Natalie, about 9-10 years old.
  • Cooper Elliot- Aboriginal, retired policeman with the Australian Federal Police, joined his son in trying to get his grandson back from Natalie.
  • Zac Huberth- New boyfriend of Natalie, present when Natalie visited her uncle.
  • Lachlan Kellett- Natalie's uncle on her mother's side, an Australian survivalist/hunter. (Bruce Spence)

Episode guide

At least 4 seasons minimum, 16 episodes. 64 episodes.

Season 1

In the late summer of 2015, the city of San Vincente, California was transported to Florida 1492 inexplicably. At first, the citizenry assumed it to be something minor, a powergrid surge or a solar flare. But as the news of houses being sheered in half as well as people, and roads being cut. It was generally agreed that something was not right.

An expedition was launched outside the city limits to a swampish forested area. The expedition consisted of Dr. Ted and Mimi East, billionaire Martin Cole, actress Andrea Janko, computer tech Georgie Martinez, and retired Army sergeant Duane Thompson. The expedition split up into groups of two each. Janko and Martinez discover a small sedentary band of Amerinds and talk with the Chieftain who states that another white man visited many years prior. Thompson and Mimi stayed behind to watch base camp, and begin a minor flirtation. Cole and Ted venture off into the swamps to find a Facility which houses a Chronometer, it is revealed then that the two men are time travelers from the 2060s.

As the season progressed, San Vincente fell into dissarray and a group of looters and anarchists realizing that they are in fact living 500 years in the past and that no laws apply wreak havoc and destroy much of the city before Colonel Gould arrived stopped them.

San Vincente even rushes to the aid of the Amerind tribe which begins to get sick, most likely from contaminents brought back from the future. Upon their recovery San Vincente absorbs the Amerind tribe as well as begins expeditions to other tribes hoping to annex them instead of exterminating them, as did occur in their version of the past.

A minor conflict breaks out between San Vincente and a tribe that opposes San Vincente annexation. Eventually it is mutually agreed that both can live in peace as long as one notifies the other of "those from the East."

A subplot involving Colonel Gould concealing the existence of the Australians is brought to light, causing a rift between him and Mayor Shepherd. Thompson becomes a confidant and mole inside Gould's apparatus. The rift gets so bad that a coup is fought between Gould and Shepherd. Gould is removed from command and Thompson breveted to Colonel.

A special election is held at the end of the season, in which Shepherd runs for Mayor instead of serving as acting Mayor. Cole becomes his staunch opponent.

Mimi and Ted eventually call for a divorce when she and the rest discover that Ted is from the future. Mimi starts to see Duane.

A love triangle forms between Emily, Georgie and Andrea. Georgie chooses Andrea. Emily finds Ted.

Cole is elected Mayor and is supposed to serve for four years. Sorensen is nominated as permanent police chief, but withdraws after her affair with Shepherd becomes known.

At the end of the season, Carpenter is seen peering through bionoculars at San Vincente, and states that, "it is working." As well as Christopher Columbus setting foot in Cuba.

Future Ted appears in a few episodes delivering cryptic messages thwarting major problems.

The citizens eventually vilify Ted but he states that there is no way to return to "their" 2010, they are stranded.

Museum of Uptime and Downtime.

Flashbacks to 2060s and 1990s. Do an episode like Fringe where its a 1980s flashback.

Meet Da Vinci and Shakespeare. Aligned with one of the Kings of Europe.

San Vicente Civil War.

World War between the Western States and the European nations.

BROAD: Problems with energy, supplies, water. Babies born in 1492. Parallel universe by Ted. Ham radio transmission by Thompson. Future Disease nearly destroys local tribes. Riots. Looting. Curfews. Vaccine delivery. Medical supplies strained afterward. Indian assimilation into SV culture. Yacht launched to visit Australians. Rebel faction grows. Constitutional Convention. New govt. Homesteading practices begin. Oil & gas running low. Food & transit must be provided personally. Hurricane coming! 3 episodes. Yacht crew arrives in Australia. Caribbean expedition: Bahamas-military base, Cuba, Puerto Rico. Calendar switch. Bermuda Triangle. Miss a flotilla of Spanish boats. Rebels return wreak havoc. "Homestead, Hurricane, The Storm, The Eye, Australia, Unusal Light, Columbia." Columbus is seen, as the final shot. "Vision Quest"

Calculate how long it would take to reach Australia in a yacht.

Indians have bow & arrow, no horses. Tribe has chief, priest, doctor, farmers, hunters, artisians. Look up local tribes in Florida.

Museum of Uptime (21st cent) & Downtime (15th cent)

1. "Pilot/The First 36 Hours" (2 hr. premiere)

Internal time: June 17, 2010 (Greg). Constant time: November 28, 2062 (Greg). External time: July 24, 1492 (Julian)


Internal time: September 20, 2010 (Greg). Constant time: December 3, 2062 (Greg). External time: October 25, 1492 (Julian)

SEASON ONE: The first season features San Vincente and its residents reeling from their arrival and suffering from problems with energy, waste and supplies. The residents begin trade negotiations with several Seminole tribes in the vicinity, hold a Constitutional Convention, and launch an expedition to meet the Australians. Another expedition is launched to the Bahamas where they serendipitously encounter Christopher Columbus. This season’s antagonist was Colonel Edgar Gould of the San Vincente rebels. The season takes place from August 3, 1492 to October 28, 1492.

Season 2 (Fall 2011-Spring 2012)

The first episode is essentially a re-telling of the Flash but from the Australians point-of-view. A small rural village of nearly 4,000 people. Tasmania, New Zealand colonies. "Walkabout"

The second episode picks up three days after the end of season 1. Cole is a lame duck candidate as Shepherd vacates his office on January 1, 1493.

As the season progresses, Shepherd launches a mission to Australia after communication is regained with them, Ted leaves with them, as does Emily. Colonel Gould influences Colonel Thompson, as he attempts to regain control once more from Shepherd but he holds fast against him. Gould is exiled away from San Vincente, using an tribal ally. Mimi is asked to join Georgie's expedition to Cuba. Andrea stays behind not willing to share with Georgie that she is pregnant, he storms off angrily. Sorensen and Shepherd's relationship becomes strained due to the stresses of their jobs. San Vincente's conditions stabilize but it runs into several crisises through this season, running out of food, energy, drinkable water, fuel and other supplies. Several citizens begin to homestead the land surrounding the city. In Cuba, Georgie encounters Christopher Columbus who apprehends him and forces him to bring him to San Vincente. With every major character engaged in foreign expeditions, Columbus arrives in San Vicente, returns Georgie and Mimi. Columbus and San Vincente enter a war. It is realized that Columbus and his group will die off from the germs brought from the future. However, Carpenter returns and gives Columbus and his men, medicine to boost their immune systems. Ted and Emily are greeted in Australia and taken in by the mysterious Australian woman. Gould is found by Carpenter, who he aligns with Columbus' group. 2. Internal time: September 23, 2010 (Greg) Constant time: December 4, 2062 (Greg) External time: October 28, 1492

x. Internal time: November 28, 2010 (Greg)- Last date recorded in San Vincente from Uptime 21st century. Constant time: December 15, 2062 (Greg) - Last correspondance of contact with Stanford Uptime 21st century. External date: December 31, 1492-January 1, 1493 (Julian) - New current date.

20. Current recorded date: February 8/March 15, 1493 (Julian)

SEASON TWO: Second season can start with a second pilot from the Australian perspective. The second season picks up immediately after the first season and features the scourge of Christopher Columbus who kills and murders Amerinds, the past of Ted and Cole is teased (only the group knows that they’re from 2060), a timekeeper posits changing from the 2010 calendar to the 1492 calendar to be more in sync with their new timeline, an election is held between Cole and Thompson, Cole declares himself the victor. After Columbus’ scourge (the residents have him killed, though some of his sailors flee on San Vincente boats full of food and supplies). This season takes place between November, 1492 and March 15, 1493.

Season 3 (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)

1. Current recorded date: November 20, 1493

20. Current recorded date: June 25, 1494

SEASON THREE: The third season picks up six months after season two and features the Australians and an exchange program between the two cities (showing alternating episodes between the Australian characters and San Vincente characters, which continues til the series end), the Panama Canal is being considered for construction, the future people’s mystery is revealed (Cole becomes a spiritual leader as opposed to president). Cole is removed from office to separate church and state and Thompson returns as President. San Vincente’s influence encompasses the American South, Mexico til the Yucatan peninsula and the Caribbean. It is rumored that dinosaurs have appeared in the mid-West of the United States. Spaniards arrive at the end of the season under military command of Diego de Arana. This season takes place between September 1493 and November 1493.

Season 4 (Fall 2013)

1. Current recorded date: June 26, 1494

x. Celebrate July 24, as 2 years in Downtime 15th century.

20. Fall 1494. Vanquish the Columbus' forces. SEASON FOUR: The fourth season picks up after another six months and Hurricane strikes. Diego de Arana is slowly defeated. The citizens solve the problem with Dr. Lloyd Carpenter and prevent the future that the 1502 people tried to avoid. San Vincente and the Australians align themselves another Constitutional Convention to create a joint confederation. This season takes place between May 1494 and July 1494.

Season 5 (2014)

1. Current recorded date: January 3, 1496 - Team in Europe visiting Italy views a successful flight of Da Vinci's flying machine

x. March 10, 1496- Arrival of Bartholomew Columbus and an Army.

20. Current recorded date: August 5, 1496- Defeat of Bart Columbus and his Army, costly war with Spain. The arrival of more explorers, help them out, better relations with Europe.

SEASON FIVE: The fifth season picks up 18 months later and features trips to Europe, and eventually meetings with Leonardo di Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli, and other historical figures of the time. Aguilar and Leonardo di Vinci successfully test a flying machine. Open dialog with Europe, many monarchs attempt to subvert the San Vincente government, though San Vincente aligns itself with other governments. Bartholomew Columbus may appear as an antagonist. President Thompson runs for re-election against Giovanna Sorensen. This season takes place January 1496; March 1496 and August 1496.

Season 6 (2015)

1. The year 1498. One hot summer day (July 31). European envoy from America view Da Vinci's Last Supper painting being unvealed. It has been six years since their arrival in Downtime 15th century.

SEASON SIX: The sixth season picks up 9 months later and opens with internal conflict on the American mainland and rising tensions with Europe, a cold war between the San Vincente government and European powers grows. May 1497 and July 1497.

Season 7 (2016)

Four years pass...

Destination time: June 17, 2010 (Greg). Present time: January 13, 2065 (Greg). Last time departed: Undefined Spring 1502 (Julian)

The time displacement equipment is destroyed by Ted preventing San Vincente from ever returning back to the future, as well as his home timeframe. Effectively stranded in the 16th century forever, the residents having been living in the past for the last decade decide to remain there as it is their chance to start over and forge a new world from scratch and make good on the mistakes made in their pasts. SEASON SEVEN: The seventh season shows a world war between San Vincente and European powers. January to August 1498; August 1502.


  • Mistakes
  • Our past
  • Eternal recurrence
  • Breaking the cycle
  • A brave new world, a stronger loving world to die in.
  • God complex
  • Limits of science (what is someone willing to do for science at the cost of their humanity)


  • The series pilot was the most popular script showcased in the Fall 2011 of the creator's screenwriting class.
  • The series is meant to perform as the "anti-Lost," where questions are posed and then answered.

Material included

  • PLANS: Later seasons will take inspiration from Civilization Colonization and Colonization II. Odeipus. Garden of Forking Paths. Self-consistency principle. Rural life vs. city life. Dr. Carpenter's purpose was to give humanity a second chance by creating a colony in the past. 3 week trip to Australia from Florida in speedboat. Build Museum of Time, uptime- 21st century, downtime-15th century. Set up a military base and colonies in the future Bahamas, New Catalina Island. Additional colonies in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Battle near Mount Vesuvius/Pompeii. Out-Time.
  • RESEARCH: Enlightenment Era thought: look up Rosseau, Natural Rights, Natural Law, Robbespiere. Diest. Freewill. Movement sweeps Europe. Freedom from religion. Great Awakening. Age of Reason. Convo among philosophers. EU destined to fail. Create social upheaval there. European "dark ages" Churches run everything. Portugese in Africa. Spain, England for USA. Hurricanes in early America. Maps of the 15th century world. Detailed run-downs of each century, i.e. 15th century to the 21st century.
  • OTHER POTENTIAL PERIODS FEATURED: 11th century China/Mideast, height of scientific/technical achievement. Leif Ericksson discovers North America-1001. The Crusades (11th century until the 13th century). Genghis Khan's rule 1206-1227. Magna Carta 1215. Treaty of Paris 1259. Marco Polo 1292. Great Famine 1315-1317. 100 Years War 1337-1437? Black Death 1347-1351. Battle of Bannockburn 1314. Joan of Arc trial 1431. Macchu Picchu construction 1450s. War of the Roses 1455-1485. League of Mayapan disintegrates 1461. 1st auto-de-fe Spanish Inquisition by Torquemada in 1481.
  • FROM HISTORY CLASS: Europe, pre-contact/exploration. 1200-1400. European “Dark Ages.” Medieval courts/monarchs/a church run Europe. Science stifled. Conditions in Western Europe poor. Disease ravages population. Drought and environmental change. Create social upheaval. Urban centers from becoming over-crowded. Primary power in the hands of mid-east emirs, Mogul and Staffaud. In Asia, especially in China and India to a lesser extent. India and N. Africa. West- Europe seems destined to fail. But will become most powerful set of nations in the world by 1492-1500. By the mid-1500s, no doubt they were. Most powerful nations push for colonial settlements. Portugese in Africa (1430s-1500s). Spain in Caribbean/Cent. America/South America by 1492-1800s. France in North America, Canada by 1600s-1800s. England – 1610s-1770s. Native Americans. The Enlightment: cultural scientific educational revolution=philosophical debate about the Nature of Law. Diest: God creates things then leaves it alone, religion is personal. Natural Law/Natural Rights. Religion vs. Science. And the role of government in the lives of individual. Freewill vs. Determinism. France- Rousseau (human nature), Descarte (reality), Voltaire, Diderot (atheist). England-Hume, Locke, Hobbes, Newton. Challenges the relationships of the people, to the power of the Monarch, to the power of the Church. Brings an emphasis on rational thought scientific method, classification, mathematics, the classics, the professions. Stifled in Europe because it was dangerous, in the colonies allowed to bloom uninhibited, affects the education system- giving life to more democratic system-meritocracy. Helped spur urban development contributing to Merchanistalist/growth. Reaffirming the attitude of artisians- breaks down the system of difference is essentially the backbone philosophy of respect for all white men. Tabula Rasa-blank slate/god/freewill. Born equal. Salons-would try to debate the ideas of the time. Power/society-corrupt. Locke=rule of monarchs. Social contract. 1700-1764: Rural life, pace of rural life, markets, gender equality?, family life, oral community, tight knit/isolated, self sufficient. Uniquely American- urban culture. Cosmopolitan-wealthy. Built on merchantilism/port cities. Monied population tied to broader Euro world and colonial world. Sophisticated culture most equal to European. Public eateries, public entertainments available, brothels, public houses (subs)- social, philosophical, men’s clubs. While city maintain an air of democratic institutions. 1740s-slaves revolt in NYC. Class division was prevalent. Elite: merchants, European trade with England, wealthy, tied to King/English policies. Artisians: merchants & craftsmen, who engage in colonial trade. John Hancock’s 14 ships formed the bulk of the early U.S. Navy. Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, John Adams belonged to the Artisians. Working class: indentured servants, mercinaries, sailors, apprentices, horsemen, workers. Urban poor: those incapable of work. Slaves: mostly in domestic service under legal slave labor. Changing attitudes in Colonial America. French/Indian War. Desire to be British, willing to fight for Brits, hope to be respected. War expensive, bankrupts Britain, England needs revenue from the colonies. Americans hope to gain land in West. British can’t collect revenue if population moves. Proclamation of 1764, first real regulation of Colonial America since its beginning. Salutorian neglect. Angers western farmers, speculators. Anger falls on deaf ears. Merchant/Urban population complain-parliament ignores complaints. 1764-Currency Act, meant to stabilize currency southerners complain no one really listens. Reveals problem in America-Colonial act on regional difference they don’t speak of collectively. Parliament further emboldened. Gray Market-illegal to trade on anything but stuff that came off a British ship. 1765-Stamp Act, first act to unite the colonies against England, universal tax on paper. Colonists protest violently attacking property of stamp collection. Andrew Oliver.  Official response, committees of correspondence, boycotts of British goods (mostly unofficial). 1766-Stamp Act repealed, Declatory Act-Quebec Act. 1768-More troops sent to cities, Townsend Acts/Duties. 1770-Boston Massacre. 1773-Tea Act-Boston Tea Party. 1774-Intolerable Acts- First Continental Congress. 1775-Lexington/Concord/Bunker Hill/Shelling of NYC. Second Continental Congress. “Common Sense” published. 1776-Debate on Declaration of Independence, July 1776-Declaration signed. 1776-1782-Revoultionary War.
  • HISTORIC EXAMPLES OF TIME SLIPS: Guy from 1869 is hit by a car in 1950. Man from Taured. Filipino guy that ended up in Mexico a few hundred years ago. Jophar Vorin.
  • TRIBAL NEIGHBORS: "A man came down from the sun, could do it himself, in order to live in peace, taught them language, they needed to kill only in defense, worship live, give generously, revere woman, always give gifts," alluding to Dr. Carpenter. Calana 1050 AD, St. Louis modernity, serpent mound, 1300 AD- city disappeared, Mound people. Native American "Vision quest" and Aboriginie "Walkabout"/Dream-time
  • THE TOWN: Town expy: Paramount, CA (Hynes/Clearwater). Quincy, CA (Elizabethtown). Fictional: Aspen Falls, Durango County, CA. SV colonies look like a collection of quonset huts & mobile homes. Street names in San Bernardino, CA, Highland, CA, Long Beach, CA, La Puente, CA, Fontana, CA and Paramount, CA. San Vincente, CA was a planned city in 1970s/1980s. Locations include Eustace, La Rivera, Sardis, Chenega, Caballo, Fort McClellan. Citizens absorb local native american tribes, give and train them with 21st century weaponry. Over time, citizens need protection, sewage, lack of gas, power rationing, boat parts. San Vicente, CA- Planned city since the 70s. "Stakes" used to transport city. Hundred thousand residents. City-state, operates as apart of the US government until election time. Replace Atlas Systems with Mechanical Data Unlimited (MDU)/Macias Techology Network Solutions. Las Arenas (‘the Sands’), Tangerine County (‘parody of Orange County’), California. Similar to Long Beach, up to Hunington Beach. Law enforcement: Rangers like RCMP, mix of County, Sheriff, Town/City P.D. and CHiP. Defense Corps: Infantry (Army), Maritime (Navy), Raiders (SEALs), Air & Space Command. USA becomes American League of Allied States (ALAS). Town is a council-manager system with shades of mayor-council type like Irvine, CA or Paramount, CA.
  • AUSTRALIA: West coast of Australia, colonies in Tasmania and New Zealand.
  • BIOLOGY: FuturePox contagion.
  • TIME TRAVEL: Kappa radiation is related to time. Innoculation for time travel. Theory of randomness. Terminology: Time Axis, Time Horizon, Lost in Time, Time Quake, Worldlines, Contaminated Timeline. Every object leaves a trail in the past and the present. Tachyons. Teleportation follow a track, funhouse mirror-like, seeing alternate paths. Mojave Desert facility like in Timeline. Energy output of an average star. Never return to the universe you left. Non-wormhole: Assiti shard, cosmic string, left over from the Big Bang. Timejumps coincide with supernova explosions. Out-Time.
  • FUTURE: 2017- Teleportation of small molecules. 2019- ITER begins first plasma experiments. 2020- LHC upgrade. 2038- Teleportation of complex organic molecules. 2085- Macro-scale teleportation is achieved (i.e. grain of sand). 2140- Teleportation of large stationary objects.
  • (Temporal Chamber) at CalTech in 2060s. Misner Space. Comparable space.
  • THE FUTURE (2062/65): handheld wrist return device. Scientific research team use people who have no future.
  • THE PAST (1995): Genetic ability to travel in time, rare. Space-time anamoly (rogue wormholes)
  • INSPIRATION: 1632 novels, Timeline (2003), Timecop (1994). 1632 (1999). Rewind (2013). Time Tunnel (2002). Time Splitters. Time Shift. Crysis. Flashforward. Darkest of Days. For Want of a Nail. Yiddish Policeman’s Union. War Day. A Canticle for Leibowitz. Back to the Future. Time Machine. Man in the High Castle. Fatherland. Hild by Nicola Griffith.
  • GOVERNMENT: San Vicente, California. The city's normal mayor did not travel back in time with them, so acting mayor city councilman Mitch Hasegawa took over as regular mayor. Back in 2010, there was an election scheduled for November, they departed in June, but arrived in April 1492. So it was agreed that a Constitutional Convention would be held in August 1492 and a presidential election would be held in November 1492. Mitch was asked to hold on to the Mayorship until January 1493 where he could retire from public service if he wanted but instead he chose to run for the presidency himself. He was the only elected official with highest office to run in the election, other than a couple men who served in the state legislature and one former Congressman. The plan is for Hasegawa to serve two four-year terms and leave office January 1501 where the presidency would then move to someone else possibly even his wife Giovanna Sorensen, she also serves two terms. The Constitutional Convention will form the basis for the kind of government they will have, it will split into three camps, the smallest but still large forming a Libertarian party which likes small government and sees themselves as a "do-over of the Founding Fathers," the second-largest one which forms the Progressive party which wants safety nets and welfare apparatus and the largest one which becomes known as the Tomorrow party which is a pretty centrist party with left-leaning social aspects and right-leaning economic aspects. The leader of the Libertarian party helps facilitate the creation of the Militia, which becomes the town's primary defense force, another man helps form the Air Corps and someone else helps form the Naval Command. It is decided that the law enforcement and defense forces of SV would never engage in battles overseas unless absolutely necessary. San Vicente is governed as a city-state and adds allies to their cause with local indigenous tribes being allowed to come and go as they please. It becomes the San Vicente Republic.
    • lady gaga- bad romance featured in timeframe, set in 2010
    • hot tub time machine-2010.
    • inception-trailers, but not out until 1 month after
    • toy story 3- comes out the day after the departure
    • harry potter and the deathly hollows-doesnt come out until november 2010
    • stargate universe was still playing.
    • twilight is still awful
    • may 31, 2010
    • june 17, 2010
    • he shows residents a microdot from the 2060s which shows a world that is falling apart. but he had no interest in saving the world but more like to save someone he loved to change his own destiny. very selfish. realized that it was hopeless. a plausible bad alternate future destroyed by hate and ignorance. inception imagery.
    • Chrononaut- time traveler
    • BASIS: The Final Countdown (Hawaii. Time jump from 1980 to 1941). Back to the Future (SoCal. Time jump from October 1985 to 1955, 1885 and 2015). Timecop (DC. October 1994 to/from October 2004). Journeyman (San Francisco. Fall/Spring 2008 to any event from the 1970s onward). Flashforward (Los Angeles. October 2009, view April 2010). Looper (Kansas City. 2044 from 2074). Minority Report (DC. April 2054, view immediate future events).
      American commonwealth flag
    • At least 3 years (1495) until any trips to Europe are made, at least 7 (1499) years before trips to Europe could come commonplace. There will be a civil war inside countries which encounter the Europeans suffer the Great Plague (really an illness brought from the future), the illness changes Europe and creates new plot arcs as well as limits the need to focus on historical accuracy in regards to events, when the world recovers from the Plague after the summer season ends. The European Kingdoms and the Church survive the Plague but fight to acquire land vacated by the loss of other groups. A few kingdoms sign treaties with the American Uptime citizens, though it is apparent and obvious to the residents of San Vicente that some nations are only conducting political maneuvers. The political ramifications of the American arrival leads to several new wars against European nations and what becomes known as the Great World War between the Americas and their African and European allies and most of Europe. The project actually inadvertently becomes a story about protestantism vs. Catholicism as the newly elected Pope (after the previous one dies from the Plague) wages a war against the American Commonwealth.
    • After the Plague, the Holy Roman Empire collapsed into a series of feudal states which were up for grabs by the several surviving nations. France, Spain, England/Scotland, Kalmar Union, Grand Duchy of Moscow (Ivan III the Great).
    • The American Commonwealth aligns themselves with the Catholic Church and its Catholic national allies.
    • Watch the Borgias and other contemporary media, it takes place around the same time but mind the historical inaccuracies.
    • Centennial report after arrival in 1492 (1592), the world has changed drastically. Can't wait for what the world has in store for the 17th century.
    • Consult Civilization Revolution tech trees.
      Flag of NATO.svg
    • The official name for the nation that is founded by the residents of San Vicente is the American Commonwealth, a red, white and blue flag is used and modeled heavily on the US flag. The American Commonwealth is led by a unicameral Congress, a judicial branch and an executive branch headed up by the President. During the Great World War, the Americans and their allies unite under the Northern Atlantic Coalition, adopting a flag similar to NATOs, the NAC is led by an official appointed by the Council of Allied Governments (all heads of state) known as the Chairman of the Northern Atlantic Coalition Security Council.
    • Explore the concept of time and examine time travel.
    • Cosmic string, twin quasar, tachyon.


The Invention of Time Travel is a 1999 novel written by Calvin Sedlak, concerning a group of engineers constructing a device which is in actuality, a time machine, the engineers stumble upon time travel.
The invention of time travel1

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In the year 2026, Dr. Jeremy C. Berning and his brother Michael are working with a mini-linear collider to experiment with cosmic string theories at Stanford University. Assisted by two physicists, Dr. Roxanne Mehta and Dr. Eldon D. Workman. The quartet accidentally invent time travel into the past by placing mice/rats into a phone booth-shaped vacuum chamber near the collider.

Elated the scientists decide to celebrate at a local restaurant in Berkeley and after indulging in alcohol for sometime, the team start to converse about mistakes in their lives and moments that they would like to change, Workman discusses the horrors of his High School graduation as being the worst thing ever experienced. While Mehta speaks about her troubled marriage and how it destroyed her and if she had to change something it would be that. The two brothers bring up a story about their uncle who was run off the road by a crazed driver nearly killing himself but instead ending up severely injured and temporarily paralyzed. As well as, the long lost dreams of their father (a newspaper pressman who lost his job and passed away some years prior) who wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, as their mother never really loved their father, it has destroyed their feelings about love and relationships. As well as, the loss of their grandfather due to cancer when the two brothers were young boys.

The quartet move to experiment in the middle of a field near a lonely intersection, still in a drunken stupor. Dr. Workman volunteers himself to travel back in time. Workman is eviserated and presumed dead. The scientists are then ordered to halt the experiments and shut their project down. After the funeral for their colleague, Workman appears naked in the vacuum chamber and collapses in pain. Nursed back to health by the team, Workman reveals to the team that he has traveled back to 1983 and witnessed his high school graduation and prevented his friends from ditching him.  

That same night, Mehta volunteers to be the next traveler, she vanishes. And reappears moments later, declaring that she can't explain it but she prevented the meeting of herself and her future ex-husband before the two met. But retains the memories of their relationship.

The two brothers theorize that the machine could be used to revisit problematic moments in our lives and possibly be used to rewrite mistakes but it would only matter in a parallel universe created from the presence of the travelers in the past. After much discussion, Jeremy and Michael enter the vacuum chamber and travel back in time.

Michael arrives separately from Jeremy in the year of 1972 inadvertantly preventing the meeting of his mother and her first husband. Jeremy arrives in 1986 and prevents his uncle's accident. But Jeremy starts to notice odd changes after that, noticeably his mother is an up and coming singer-actress, a dream of hers. This change has altered the meeting of their parents. The two brothers are then flung back to an alternate 2026 where drastic changes have lead to the prevention of their grandfather's death in 1996 (he is still alive in 2026 at the age of 90), their father has succeeded with his dream of being an aeronautical engineer and a renowned airplane designer. While their mother is an Oscar-winner and entertainment icon. Their Uncle has survived the crash and is barely retiring from the newspaper which still exists here. The two are shocked to find out that their doppelgangers are alot younger and have a very different mother.

They play a hunch and visit Stanford University where Dr. Mehta works alone, when questioned by the brothers, they wonder where Dr. Workman is, but he is revealed to have died of a drug overdose in the early 1990s. Not willing to live life without their friend and a very altered future, they return to the vacuum chamber and adjust some settings which sends them back to the original version of 2026. They appear in the lab with Mehta and Workman welcoming them back ethusiatically. The two brothers embrace their comrades. Upon reconciling and retelling the story, the quartet agree to disassemble the vacuum chamber and shut down the linear collider. With the project defunct, Jeremy visits Mehta in her office and asks her on a date, though he refuses to call it that.

  • Lawrence Livermore Ntl Lab, California


  • Dr. Jeremy C. Berning, 34-year old engineer, b: 1992.
  • Michael Berning, 32-year old scientist, b: 1993.
  • Dr. Roxie Mehta, 34-year old physicist, b: 1992. Love interest for Jeremy.
  • Dr. Eldon D. Workman, 61-year old physicist, b: 1965.
  • Jarrett Berning, father of Jeremy and Michael, b: 1965-2019, at age 54.
  • Tiffany Berning, mother of Jeremy and Michael, 71-years old in 2026. b: 1955. Suffers from Alzheimer's Disease which has better remedies for in the 2020s but is still rough.
  • Manuel Torres, Sr, first husband of Jeremy and Michael's mother, b: 1949-2019, at age 70.
  • Manuel Torres, Jr, eldest brother of Jeremy and Michael, 54-years old in 2026. b: 1972. Works as a landscaper and construction worker.
  • Veronica Torres, only sister of Jeremy and Michael, 43-year old in 2026. b: 1983. Works as a real-estate agent and small business owner.
  • Dr. Chris Parker, procounsul lawyer and abusive ex-husband of Dr. Mehta, married out of college at age 26, divorced at a few years later in 2022.
  • Daniel Montgomery, freshman Stanford University student working at the linear collider, b: 2006.


The novel takes place in the fairly recognizable year of 2026 in the Silicon Valley of California and deals with time travelling to the late 1980s.


  • Brotherhood
  • Mistakes
  • Accidents
  • Selfishness
  • You can change the future, but not your future

Gemini (proposed spin-off)

  • SSgt. Evelyn Diaz (USA)-young, sexy
  • Capt. Jared Keen (USA)-young, handsome
  • Maj. Francis DeSanto (USA)-Dr. Cottle-type
  • Alternate history maps/stats
  • Parallelities by Alan Dean Foster (tower-like transfer points for alt. uni. travel, keep the dinos from spreading to other universes, software intelligences send expeditions throughout the multiverse)
  • 1934: Reptiles in LA. 1959-1973: MKULTRA. 70s-95: Stargate Project, SRI. 95-00: Tests, also run of Sliders. LSD-Pituitary gland injections.
  • Interdimensional War
  • Thell
  • Egypt-like wortld
  • 1983 doomsday
  • Penal colony at the End of Earth
  • 14 points world (utopia, allied)
  • Nazis win WW2 (biological weapon) DESTROYED NYC WITH A NUCLEAR BOMB.
  • Civil War won by CSA (Stranded)
  • Roman and Arabic ruled world (family arc, build weapon to defeat enemy, merge both universes, but could shatter both in the process)
  • Earth with no moon (prison)
  • Evolved dinosaurs "Aliens" - West of Eden
  • 65 million years ago, the asteroid hit so hard it split two universes.
  • Base in the Mojave Desert, resembling film Timeline.
  • EARTH PRIME: Drug trials-mental time travel.
  • EARTH PRIME (FUTURE): In-orbit temporal experiment flings a 6 mile-long asteroid back in time 65 million years.
  • Personal alternate timeline, with different choices
  • BASE: Mojave Desert, CA. Keenan Military Installation.
  • Why are there alternate universes? How did the military find out?
  • (never return home, wont end in victory)
  • "If he can travel into parallel worlds, I can travel...:
  • Vitruvian Man, symbol for the universal man, Ubermensch, humans more powerful than god want to be just like him.

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