This timeline has been composed with the aid of the historical archives of the major species in the galaxy. Thus it is fairly accurate, though some points is more legend than fact.

Pre-2000 AD


  • 4019 BC
    • The Calandrians colonize the planet Vueltra.
  • 3811 BC
    • First encounter between the Calandrians and the Kilrathians. The two species form an alliance against the Rulor.

21st Century

  • 2017 AD
    • A large object comes out of hyperspace near the Qutan mining world of Thansis. After 30 minutes, it re-enters hyperspace. This is the first Qutan sighting of an UFO.

22nd Century

  • 2117 AD
    • The hyperdrive-equipped Falcon is launched from Earth, and succesfully reaches FTL (faster-than-light) speed. The Tyrans present themselves to Humanity, and the two species strike up a friendship.
  • 2118 AD
    • Human-built merchant vessels start trading with nearby species.
  • 2167 AD
    • Humanity begins to colonise nearby worlds.

23rd Century

  • 2236 AD
    • Humanity and the Dakkar sign a peace treaty following the Dakkar retreat from all Human systems.

24th Century

  • 2301 AD
    • The Star Federation and the Qutan sign a peace treaty, ending the war between the two.
  • 2357 AD
    • The M'shre retaliate, winning several crucial battles and retaking much of the territory lost in 2352-56.
  • 2360 AD
    • The Shammatans retreat from M'shre space, ending the conflict.

25th Century

  • 2427 AD
    • The Gem Conflict between the Carnathians and the Federation begins.
  • 2432 AD
    • The Gem Conflict ends with Carnathian defeat.

26th Century

  • 2523 AD
    • The first MAU is built by the Calandrians. The concept quickly spreads across the galaxy.

27th Century

  • 2691 AD
    • The Shadow War ends with the retreat of the rebel forces.

28th Century

29th Century

30th Century

31st Century

  • 3020 AD
    • Calandrian forces assault the Federation planets of Polaris II. This event sparks a conflict that will last 23 years. Completely unprepared for the bloodthirst and savagery of the Calandrians, the Federation is pushed back on all fronts.
  • 3021 AD
    • The Federation world of Pillian is thermal-bombed by a Calandrian fleet. The survivors can be counted in the hundreds.
  • 3040 AD
    • A large Calandrian fleet engages the 27th Federation Battle Fleet at Cypra Mundi. The Federation fleet, under the command of Admiral Jenny Gale, defeats the Calandrians. This battle marks the turning point of the war.
  • 3043 AD
    • The Federation and the Calandrians sign an uneasy peace treaty, ending the Calandrian-Federation War. Cypra Mundi remains in Federation hands.
  • 3052 AD
  • 3063 AD
    • Da'el Kar becomes the new High Lord of Clan Death.
  • 3072 AD
    • Andila Kar dies giving birth to her and Da'els daughter A'lisa.
  • 3078 AD
    • The Second League War end with the Star League as winners.
  • 3082 AD
    • William Darkon is born on the Federation colony world of Yavin III
  • 3099 AD
    • Maugan Rakun is born on Calandria.

32nd Century

  • 3100 AD
  • 3110 AD
  • 3194 AD
    • Maugan Rakun is killed by an unknown assailant. Jorran Thorn, his first cousin, ascends to the Calandrian throne.

33rd Century

  • 3200 AD
    • Current year

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