Timeline 60-77

Timeline 60-77 refers to the Divided Milky Way galaxy's Galactic Standard year in which this timeline was created, which was 6077gs. It describes all events that pertain to the space-faring species of the current known galaxy.

  • 1gs occurs around 560BCE on the Human's Gregorian Calendar

First Millenia (1gs-1000gs)

Second Millenia (1001gs-2000gs)

Third Millenia (2001gs-3000gs)

  • 2064gs
    • First Federal-Imoerial War ends in Druog victory
  • 2100gs
    • Federation of Allied Systems crumbles when Xurians withdraw star systems.
  • 2102gs
  • 2107gs
  • 2267gs
  • 2710gs
    • Humans establish colony on Earth's moon Luna
  • 2754gs
    • Humans establish colony on Saturn's moon, Titan
  • 2801gs
    • Humans develop interstellar travel
  • 2994gs

Fourth Millenia (3001gs-4000gs)

Fifth Millenia (4001-5000gs)

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