A basic timeline of galactic history, starting at around 100,000 B.C.


100,000 BC

  • The Rendretian Empire, one of the few civilized species in the galaxy, begins a mysterious project, relocating species across the galaxy to different planets. Of the many species, Humanity, coming from a derelict planet that was caught in a devastating inter-empire war (reducing their planet to a sub-lava type planet), are relocated to a relatively uninhabited planet in the Sol system called Terra by some, and Earth by others.

90,000 BC

  • At the height of the Rendretian-Calandrian War, the losing Calandrians develop and launch a deadly bio-chemical weapon known solely as Prophet. It quickly wipes out a startling majority of the Rendretian population, and the suvivors disappear into space. They are presumed dead from the deadly bio-weapon.

12,000 BC

  • The Frilongians become the dominant species on their planet Hydrenia.
  • The Bravayterians become the dominant species on their planet of Bravayter.

11,200 BC

  • The Nitomians become the dominant species on their planet Nitomia.

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