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The following is a timeline of the events of the Teggedon Spiral Chronicles. All dates are in the Xaronese Imperial Calendar unless noted.

Before the Xaronese Era

Circa 200,000 BXE

  • Humans are seeded around the Teggedon Spiral by the Precursors.

10,000 BXE

  • The Maelstrom of Anjin is formed.

1,000 BXE - 29 XE

  • The Age of Heroes: Traditional Xaronese history dates from this period when a nomadic tribe known as the Sons of Xaryas found the Kingdom of Xarony around their stronghold at Khet'Xaron. The Kingdom of Xarony expands through the intervening centuries to become the Xaronese Celestial Empire. The Age of Heroes comes to an end after the death of Straxus the Conqueror in 29 XE, ushering in the Classical Imperial Era.

1,000 BXE

  • The Kingdom of Xarony is founded: The Sons of Xaryas settle in the plains of what will be called Xarony. The King of the Xaronese, Jehoraxes the Glorious, builds a settlement on the spot where he slew the Great Dragon of Xarony.

33 BXE

  • Straxus the Conqueror is born.

13 BXE

  • Straxus becomes King of the Xaronese after the death of his father Hypaxes the Dragonheart in battle against barbarians from the north. In retaliation, King Straxus begins a campaign of conquest and extermination against the last free tribes on the Xaronese Islands.


  • The Xaronese Navy is founded: Straxus the Conqueror tasks his brother-in-law Duke Fenrixus tal Shiar with overseeing the construction of a fleet of warships to protect the kingdom from seaborn raiders.

The Xaronese Era

1 XE

  • The Xaronese Celestial Empire is founded: The Xaronese Islands are unified by Straxus the Conqueror, who declares himself Xaronese Emperor of All Under Heaven.

20 XE - 29 XE

  • The Great Expansion War: Straxus the Conqueror seeks to expand his domains across the Sea of Neral and sends troops to conquer the Neral Peninsula. To fill out his armies, Straxus conscripts the northern tribesmen he had previously fought. Straxus places his firstborn son, Prince Malloraxes, in command of the conquest.

29 XE

  • Prince Malloraxes's Rebellion: Prince Malloraxes is accused of treason and recalled to Khet'Xaron to answer to Emperor Straxus. However, Prince Malloraxes believes he is being set up to be killed by his jealous father and refuses to leave his base in Khet'Medraut. Straxus the Conqueror arrives on the Neral Peninsula with his Paladin Guard in order to defuse the situation, but mutual distrust all but ensures a battle breaks out. Both Straxus the Conqueror and Prince Malloraxes are killed in the fighting. Prince Draxus leads his victorious troops into Khet'Medraut and sacks the city, killing all the women of Prince Malloraxes's harem and his children. Though all of Prince Malloraxes's children were slain, the Empire would be plagued for centuries by pretenders to the throne claiming to be Prince Malloraxes's descendants. Prince Draxus returns to Khet'Xaron and becomes the next Xaronese Emperor of All Under Heaven.

29 XE - 342 XE

  • Xaronese Classical Imperial Era: Draxus and his descendants rule the Xaronese Celestial Empire in an age of peace and consolidation. 

2599 - 2605 XE

  • The Great War of Restoration: Exarchs across Xaron form a rebel alliance in an attempt to overthrow the Conclave of Magnates and restore power to the Tarquin Warlordship which had been reduced to a figurehead position much like the Xaronese emperors. Though the rebellion makes many early gains, the Conclave gains the upperhand when it announces its intention to restore the rule of the Xaronese Emperor after defeating the rebellion. The Warlord Restoration Alliance collapses when several of its major cities are annihilated by atomic weapons. The last Warlord of the Empire, Seijixus tal Tarquin, is forced to relinquish his powers to the Emperor.

2605 XE

  • The Imperial Restoration: Agents of Emperor Rhexis IX and the Conclave of Magnates come to a compromise on how the Xaronese Emperor is to rule the Empire. The resulting Imperial Governance Edict becomes the framework for the modern Xaronese government. 

3569 XE

  • The Khorellian Star Empire is founded: Asperius Argo becomes the first Emperor of Khorellia following the transformation of the Khorellian Star Republic into the Khorellian Star Empire in accordance with a plebiscite of dubious authenticity.

3992 - 4002 XE

  • The Darukathian Civil War: Harrik Svarog's Social Justice Coalition launches a full-scale rebellion against the imperial government. 

3995 XE

  • The Khorellian Partition: Emperor Kaon I dies and names his daughter and son, Iokasta and Rantorius, as co-rulers of the empire. 

4002 - 4015 XE

  • The Great Xaronese-Darukathian War: The Xaronese take advantage of the ongoing Darukathian Civil War and launch a full-scale invasion of Darukathian space. Both the imperial government and the Social Justice Coalition agree to put hostilities on hold until the Xaronese have been driven out.

4006 XE

  • The Sack of Darukath: The imperial capital of Darukath falls to the Xaronese onslaught. The resulting planetary-scale campaign of rape and pillage will forever stain future Xaronese-Darukathian relations. 

4009 XE

  • The Battle of Taris: A Xaronese fleet sent to conquer the Taris system is repulsed by a Social Justice Coalition fleet. The battle marks a turning point in the war as the Xaronese are put on the defensive.

4015 XE

  • The Xaronese-Darukathian Armistice Agreement is signed: The Xaronese and Darukathian empires agree to an armistice to end the fighting. The Darukathian Empire is stripped of as much as a third of its original territory and the Xaronese agree to withdraw behind a Demilitarized Zone. Unknown to the Darukathian imperial government, the Xaronese made a parallel agreement with the Social Justice Coalition to allow them to gain control of Darukath before the Darukathian Imperial Starfleet can arrive.

4016 - 4019 XE

  • The Darukathian Revolution: The Darukathian imperial government and the Social Justice Coalition resume their hostilities. The Darukathian emperor is forced to flee Darukathian space, eventually making contact with the Khorellian Star Empire.

4019 XE

  • The United Stars Federation is founded: Harrik Svarog defeats the last imperial holdouts and reorganizes the Darukathian Empire into the United Stars Federation. The Social Justice Coalition becomes the National Progressive Party, the ruling political party of the United Stars Federation.

4021 - 4217 XE

  • The Darukathian Excision: The Xaronese Celestial Empire, fearing the potential of Darukathian revolutionary rhetoric spreading to their colonies, undergoes a campaign of ethnic cleansing to expel Darukathians from the territories conquered in the Xaronese-Darukathian War.

4035 XE

  • The Most Serene Bessaran Stellar Republic is founded: The Dominion of Bessar becomes the first of the imperial dominions to break away from the Rimward Khorellian Empire when Dagon Torrek overthrows the imperial viceroy.

4038 XE

  • The Stellar Kingdom of Jion is founded: Viceroy Daeguin Zaebus of the Dominion of Jion petitions the imperial court on Sien for more autonomy with the implicit threat of rebellion if autonomy is not granted. Zaebus is granted the title of King of Jion and the Dominion of Jion becomes the Stellar Kingdom of Jion.

4056 XE

  • The Sovereign Spatharite Dominion is founded: General Edovar Gellor performs a coup d'etat against the imperial viceroy for the Dominion of Spathar and becomes the first Supreme Leader of the Sovereign Spatharite Dominion.

4080 XE

  • The Rimward Khorellian Empire is abolished: The last Rimward Khorellian Emperor is killed by his chief gardener. The Coreward Khorellian Emperor declares the age of co-emperors to be over and claims dominion of the remaining territories of the Rimward Empire.

5014 XE

12 Kraken 5014 XE

  • The Cielagonian-Hallusarian Crisis: The Cielagonian crown prince is assassinated while on a state visit to the border world of Serojaav by the Hallusarian Reunification Army, a group known to be supported by the Royal Hallusarian Commonwealth. The Cielagonian Empire issues a fifteen-part ultimatum to the Hallusarians under the assumption that the terms will be rejected.

6 Monocerodon 5014 XE

  • The Galactic War begins: In response to the Royal Hallusarian Commonwealth's rejection of the Cielagonian ultimatum, the Galactic Defense League issues a joint declaration of war against the Royal Hallusarian Commonwealth. In retaliation, the Axis Pact declares war on the Cielagonian Empire.

19 Bat 5014 XE

  • Hinnrad Perun is born.

16 Horse 5014 XE

  • Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar is born.

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