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This is the Time line of Galaxy Beyond.



  • 5039 A.D.
    • With Earth in danger of collapsing upon it's many problems, many nations seek to find refuge in space.
  • 5040 A.D.
    • The United States of America launches several satellites to planets in the solar system, along with those yet unexplored.
    • In response, Russia announces it's plan to attempt a manned mission to Mars.
  • 5045 A.D.
    • Many countries have launched independent space exploration programs consisting of The United States, Russia, China, India, The European Union, Japan, Iran, Israel, Canada, Turkey, Brazil and South Korea.
  • 5051 A.D.
    • Russia successfully lands a man on Mars, but due to technical difficulties shuttle is unable to return.
  • 5055 A.D.
    • Iranian shuttle set for the moon, named Arakla I, explodes in the atmosphere.
  • 5057 A.D.
    • Joint cooperation between The United States, Canada and the European Union leads to an international shuttle heading to Mars.
    • Massive flooding in Asia due to glacier melting leads to Asian nations putting more funding into space programs.
    • Japan, India, Turkey and Canada all successfully land on the moon.
  • 5058 A.D.
    • International Shuttle Hope consisting of men from America, Britain, Canada, France, Netherlands, Russia and Japan launches from Kennedy Space Center.
    • Suspected spying in the Israeli Space Agency by Iranian officials lead to a short war in which the half constructed Iranian shuttle Arakla II is destroyed.
  • 5059 A.D.
    • Daztron Corporation, a Russian energy corporation enters the space technology sector.
    • Minor technical difficulties lead to Hope losing contact with Earth for a few days, though problem is fixed.
  • 5061 A.D.
    • Israeli spy satellite Hetzcra III is shot out of orbit by an Atmosphereical Targeting Laser, leading many to think a nation has built capable space weapons against international law.
    • Israel accuses Iran of firing the shot with a system adopted from China.
  • 5062 A.D.
    • Hope lands on Mars, collects soil samples and successfully heads back to Earth.
    • Israel begins to weaponize it's space shuttles in order to protect against hostile nations.
  • 5063 A.D.
    • China begins to diverts rivers to sustain the needs of it's populations, leading to fierce denunciations from India who is dependent on the rivers for it's population.
    • Daztron Corporation begins work on it's own civilian shuttle
    • Israeli plans to create a satellite with Space to Earth laser warhead targeting is leaked leading to international outrage
  • 5064 A.D.
    • The United States military begins work on an armed shuttle to protect it's satellites
    • The Indo-Sino war is fought over control of the waterways in Asia

  • 5065 A.D.
    • A joint European Union-United States declaration declares plans to build a research facility on the moon
    • Indo-Sino war reaches a death toll of 275,000 people.

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