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Years are recorded in HCY.


Prehistoric Era

  • —5,000,000 HCY - The Tenebras Galaxy is created.
  • —4,500,000 HCY - The first group of Ithonians evolve on Ithos.
  • —4,000,000 HCY - First attempt at interstellar travel.

First Era/Colonization Era

  • —3,000,000 HCY - The first planets in the Jados System are colonized.
  • —3,750,455 HCY - The Jadosian Republic is created, centered on the planet of Jados Prime.
  • —3,750,400 HCY - The Ge'onn System is colonized.
  • —3,750,377 HCY - The Thosis System is colonized.
  • —3,750,350 HCY - The first group if Adrions evolve on the planet of Adrios.

Second Era/Adriosian Era

  • —3,750,300 HCY - The Adrions start interstellar travel and colonize several system in the Epipac Rim.
  • —3,750,279 HCY - The Adrions create the Adrionic Republic.
  • —3,750,256 HCY - The Nightingale star supernovas, creating what is now known as the Nightingale black hole, located in the center of the galaxy.
  • —3,750,255 HCY - The Nightingale black hole expands, devouring an unknown planet and a group of highly developed beings.
  • —3,750,245 HCY - A small group of Adrions find a wormhole on the outskirts of the galaxy. They enter it and it rockets them outside of the galaxy.
  • —3,750,230 HCY - A group of Adrions find the wormhole on the outskirts of the galaxy. They start construction on a space station just outside the wormhole.
  • —3,750,200 HCY - Construction on the space station is finished. Thousands of Adrions have already rocketed through the Wormhole, leaving only the Adrions constructing the space station.

Third Era/Desertion Era (—3,750,150 HCY to —4,000,000 HCY)

  • —3,750,150 HCY - The remaining Adrions desert the galaxy, traveling through the wormhole to places unknown.
  • —3,750,100 HCY - The Jadosian Republic find the wormhole and space station. They find remnants of the Adrionic civilization, and name the wormhole and space station after them.

Silent Era (—4,000,000 HCY to 0 HCY)

  • —4,000,000 HCY - All colonization and historical recording ceases. This continues for 4 million HCY.

Fourth Era/New Era (0 HCY to 500 HCY)

  • 0 HCY - The first Power Crystal is found on Jados Prime by Jandos Yurai. He notes in his journal, "I found something very unusual today. It's a crystal of some sorts; it glows purple and emits a low, high-pitched sound."

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