The Tripole, aka 3rd morality charge, is a morality charge that is repulsive to both Negatons and posatons. It exist as a grey crystal relic. The Tripole is known to be universally evil even under the standards of evil as once activated, can destroy The Bulk completely and irreversibly, in other words, everything.

The universal Law of no Absolute Evil/Good in The Bulk forbid a timeline where the Tripole is activated, to exist. Thus no one can know how the destructive effects of the Tripole, be like. It is unclear how the Tripole come into existence, as the aforementioned law will forbid its existence.

It appears in Secret: The Tripole as a device in which Ulpha used in an attempt to destroy The Bulk.

Secret: The Tripole

In the year 2435, a routine survey of various universes by The Federation of Ultraverse discovers a grey crystalline relic floating in a galaxy in universe A9, along with a mysterious tablet engraved with unknown symbols. The tablet was then given to the Secretlabs staff for analysis. After deciphered the tablet, they discovered a scary truth regarding the mysterious relic, that it can nullify vacuum energy completely and result in instabilities and eventual destruction of The Bulk. Secretlabs is then attacked by Ulpha's armada and a distress call is sent to The Federation, which immediately sent reinforcements but are all shot down by Ulpha's vessels. Ulpha then steals the relic and the deciphered tablet and returned to his base, universe U.

After the attack, The Federation helps in the repair of Secretlabs and staff from both parties planned for a mission to retrieve the relic. Meanwhile, Ulpha is charging up the warp coil in an attempt to activate the relic.

The Federation later shoot down most of Ulpha's vessels, disable the security systems and confronted Ulpha in his base, where he just charged up the warp coil and going to use the coil to activate the relic. Just when it seemed that all hope is lost, Danu Dovolon leaped forward and knock Ulpha out. The relic is then retrieved by The Federation and is destroyed using Dark photon beams. Failing his plans again, Ulpha activates the self destruct system of his base. The Federation quickly retreated and escapes from universe U before it collapsed into a black hole.

After the credits, it is shown that Ulpha activates a timeline backup and restores his base.

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