The Turismo Confederation
Political information
Type of government

Confederated republic

Executive branch

Office of the Prime Minister of the Turismon Confederation

Legislative branch

Hall of United Systems

Judicial branch

Grand Confederated Court

Societal information
Official language
  • Yaren
  • English
  • Other minor languages

To Arms for Us All

Historical information
Formed from

Many smaller republics and monarchies of all types

Date of establishment

August 2303

The Turismo Confederation was a government that became one of the major galactic powers around 2300. The Confederation was a large conglomerate of civilizations that united in the face of an expanding Unity of the Core Worlds to provide a general defense and resist Unity invasion. The Confederation was the first great power to successfully resist the Unity's attempts at subjugating its territory.

The Confederation was founded around 2300 from a joint conference between several hundred minor and local powers, the majority of which were democratic or contained some semblance of representative government (i.e. constitutional monarchies and any form of restrained government). After the defeat of the Terplis Republic in 2284, representatives from many governments along the southern Perseus Arm and parts of the Outer Arm began negotiating over the potential need of a unified defensive treaty, to defend against the increasingly aggressive and expansive Unity. These negotiations stalled as time went on and more and more governments were brought into the conference. After a surprise Unity invasion against one of the participating civilizations, the conference churned out a document establishing the Turismo Confederation in just six days.

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