Affiliation Trask Combine/ Holy Xaronese Empire
Region Gamma Sextant
Sector Galtharis Sector
System Tycara System
Planetary Habitability Index 98
Moons 1: Malrond
Rotation period 24.4 standard hours
Orbital period 364 local days
Population 2 Billion
Major cities
  • New Traskon (capital)
  • Mennak
  • New Suul Tan
Points of interest
  • Governor's palace
  • Xaronese Cultural Exhibition Center
  • Tycara Naval Base
  • Hypaxus e Mattathraxas Tal'Trask Cosmodrome
"Tycara, nowhere else will you find such a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Then again, I guess that's what everyone says about the place they grew up."
Monaxus e Britaxis Dakar

Tycara was a planet conquered by the Trask Combine in the late 40th century. The planet was home to a human offshoot race known as the Tycarans who were enslaved en masse after the fall of their planet. Tycara was also the homeworld of the half-Tycaran Monaxus e Britaxis Dakar.


Tycara was discovered by a Trask Combine survey ship in the early 40th century XE. Once discovered, the Trask Combine immediately made plans to add the planet to its small colonial empire.

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