Many countries throughout Africa, Latin America and the Middle East faced with climate change and the host of problems it brings with it many of the world’s poorest, least stable countries collapsed over the course of the 21st century. Although, many of those countries have regained they sovereignty, being Gilakistan the most recent one in 2169.

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The 21st century was witness of instability al around the undeveloped world. Here, UN's forces intervention in Quito in 2064

Just over half a billion people are estimated to inhabit the UN Pacified Zones, which are often subjected to extreme temperatures and have little arable land or water. This abject poverty resulted in instability which in turn resulted in conflict levels rising for the first time over the course of the late 2030s and throughout the 2040s. The UN's solution was to launch a ‘War on War’ in 2050 – the first of its decade-long plans. As part of these plans, the UN has established pacification/humanitarian missions in all of the world’s poorest and least stable states (with a few notable exceptions) since 2050.

As of 2150 only Philippines continued to refuse the UN missions entrance to Panay, despite inter-communal violence and extreme poverty rife in the country.

Since 2132 there have been no terrestrial inter-state conflicts, an indicator, some argue, of the policies success. Much of the UN’s work in the region is built around containment so as to prevent the chaos crossing borders (as it did in the Middle East) and policing the inhabitants whilst waiting for positions to become free in the developed world (including Mars or in Antarctica and Greenland where the UN has set up of two ‘Free-States’ just for this purpose. After the foundation of Imvusa Ikhaya massive numbers of refugees have fled to the colonies. Security is also important as a significant fraction of the world’s power is generated by photovoltaic, solar furnace and solar updraft arrays located in the equatorial deserts, which often coincide with the swathe of failed states.

  • Population (in millions): 500
  • Percentage of global GDP: 1.5%

List of Missions

Pacified Zones

Maroon: Current pacifying missions. Blue: Former missions.

Country or Region Starting date Finishing Date Notes
Korea 2040 2058 Not part of the original plans but created as a post-war emergency plan for the region.
Sahara-Sahel 2045 Running All the countries in the Sahara and in the Sahel region but Egypt and Nigeria have been part of this mission.
Iraq 2049 2081 Divided into Kurdistan, Luristan and Mesopotamia in 2064
Ecuador 2050 2061
Guyanas 2050 2055-6 Guyana and Surinam
Pakistan 2057 2063 Following civil war. Divided into Beluchistan, Pashtunistan and Pakistan.

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