UN Armada
Marina de Guerra de la ONU (spanish)
联合国 海军 (chinese)
Founded 2163
Alliegance The UN
Size 5,600,000 personel (1.4 million active)
Current Commander Natsuko Kornakov
Aniversary April 1st
Principal Engagments Ki'sa Wars, Colonial rebellions

The UN Armada (UNA) is the naval branch of the UN Armed Forces (UNAF).

Ubhule siege

The UNA played a major role during the Ki'sa Wars

Until the early 2160s (the contact with the Ki'sa), the UNA performed a subordinate role to the UN Ground Forces. Since then, the UNA has undergone a rapid modernization and expantion. The UNA is the largest naval service in the Human known space with 160 war ships and 650,000 minor vessels; with dreadnoughts being the most important of them all. With a personnel strength of over 5.6 million, the UNA also includes the 650,000-strong Colonial Defense Force and the 1,560,000-strong Marine Corps, plus 600,000 VI fighter drones. As part of its overall program of naval modernization, the UNA

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