The USN Albany was an Endeavor-class Cruiser captained by Captain Frederick Poloner. It participated in the First Battle of Earth, where she downed two enemy frigates and heavily damaged a cruiser. Later, it participated in the Second Battle of Ganymede where it received minor damage from flak cannons and enemy interceptors. It then participated in it's third battle, the First Battle of Vespene. It landed the 21st Marine Battalion, which landed on what was designated Mesa 3B, which successfully subdued the alien garrison inside the lone plateau. The battalion was ordered to move and reinforce the main battle on the "Desert Floor" just moments before a Unity Strategical bomber flew by overhead and delivered it's nuclear payload, destroying everything in the center of the Desert Floor. It vaporized any warship and soldier in the area, and even then the EMP disabled many ship's engines which prevented an escape. The Albany was on the very edge of the nuclear detonation, and despite it's engines surviving the encounter, her PT cannon's coils were virtually fried from the radiation. Then during the Seven Dark Hours afterward, she coordinated with the surviving ships of the fleet, under the USN Otto von Bismarck, and, now unofficially, the cruiser USN Harbinger, gathering the few survivors from the Desert Floor and picking up any wounded until finally bringing the 21st Marine Battalion aboard, and then left the planet's orbit headed to Mars.

The Albany was laid down on February 2, 2398, launched on June 8, 2398, and underwent a two-month trial period until being commissioned on August 18, 2398.

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